Should I go on a 'babymoon'?

Real Mom Problem

“Did anyone go on a babymoon? I've only just learned about it. Where did you go? Was it helpful for calming your significant other's nerves about the baby?”

by Candymonster Candymonster

Quick Tips

  • 1. A "babymoon" is a vacation you take as a couple prior to the arrival of your new baby
  • 2. A babymoon gives you the chance to enjoy spending time with each other, and only each other, before the baby makes alone time more difficult
  • 3. Babymoons can be big or small, from an island adventure to an overnight in a nearby town
  • 4. Moms with kids already might prefer to vacation as a family, as a way to give the kids a special trip before the new addition arrives

Real Mom Solutions

Whether you plan a big trip or just a short getaway, a "babymoon" can be a great opportunity to connect with your partner and prepare your relationship for your upcoming addition. Check out what these moms did for their babymoon vacations.

Sarah McMoyler Sarah McMoyler

Our Expert Mom Says...

Yes! A babymoon is a honeymoon, except that you are celebrating the big event in advance of the big event. For some, it involves a luxurious trip, for others it is a more simple night away from home. The point is that you as a couple are about to change arrange some alone time to connect and create some new memories to tide you over during the transition into parenthood is a smart idea.

Consider asking your partner to arrange this; he needs to keep in mind what you both love to do and what the budget will bear. I recommend that you check with your OB/Midwife for their blessings before embarking on any travel and to know where the closest hospital is — just in case. Case in point: my boot camp coach went to Hawaii with her husband when she was 34 weeks pregnant; her water broke — her baby was born and they stayed for another month while he grew in the "womb with a view!"

Have fun and get ready for the biggest event in your lives!

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Nurture Your Relationship Before Baby

  • cafmom

    We went on a babymoon and had a lot of fun. My mom said, "It's a great time for you two to go and have that one last trip together. Connect yourselves further and have a closer bond." It truly was a great thing we did. It gave us the time to talk about the baby and the things we would like to do in the upcoming months before she arrives. I suggest it to anyone.

  • Mdmooch

    We are going on an over night trip this summer without my oldest, about two months before the baby is born. We figure it will be the last time for a while for us to just get away by ourselves.

  • mommyof32006

    We were planning on going for a peaceful little getaway just to get away from the stresses and enjoy our time before we have another little one around the house.

  • SchatziBee

    A babymoon is a vacation you take with your significant other BEFORE the baby comes. Kind of your last hoorah before there is a new addition that wants so much of your time. It gets to be all about pampering yourself and your relationship. Like the idea of a honeymoon, it's indulgent and all about you two! There are all kinds of places that cater to prenatal couples now.... spa services, classes, so on. Even websites that only book babymoons. We're going to the Virgin Islands and I cannot wait!

Big or Small Can Be Equally Special

  • sarahramirez

    Single mama here but I do plan on treating myself to a spa day before baby comes!

  • meam4444

    My last pregnancy, we went to Greece when I was 20 weeks. We were on a tiny Greek island for three days of the trip (no hospitals), went kayaking, snorkeling, etc. Looking back, it probably wasn't the smartest in case anything happened, but I did make sure I cleared it with my midwife prior to traveling.

  • wife2jeff

    We are trying to plan one. It will be our last weekend with just hubby and I before we become a family of four! I'm looking forward to it, although I think it will consist of a lot of sleeping, because I'll be 37 weeks pregnant. Poor hubby, I hope he's not expecting something romantic.

  • msswisher08

    I'd say just getting "out" is WONDERFUL, even if it's in another state or the next town over.

Plan a "Familymoon" Instead

  • mrspreggers14

    We are going to take our 15-month-old to the zoo and to Build-A-Bear so it's not really a babymoon, but we wanted to do something with our daughter before baby gets here.

  • JamieLyn822

    Hubby and I took a cruise while I was pregnant with our first as a babymoon. It was really nice to get away just the two of us before the baby came. This pregnancy we took a trip to Disney with our two year old for a last trip as a family of three before the new baby comes.

  • jessmomto2boys

    I would like to do something before the baby, but with my other two boys. A weekend of fun! Make it all about them before the new baby arrives.

Don't Bother with a Babymoon

  • kathislove80

    We don't really have the funds to do anything like that. I think we are going to go out to dinner. Just spending time with each other is nice.

  • egrzesik91

    I would rather have a weekend to set up the baby's room and organize things that have been "calling my name" but that I put off or was too sick to do.

Babymoon After Baby

  • medic1503

    My boyfriend and I are planning on renting a cabin for a few days after the baby gets here so we can rest and recover and spend time with the baby.

  • Mrs.Andrews

    I think a babymoon is a great idea. We never took them. A few months after we had our first baby we got away for a night though. I think it is even better to get the break after the baby is born.