Is it normal for my sex drive to increase during pregnancy?

Real Mom Problem

“If I could stay in bed all day with my hubby, I would. Am I just some crazy, freaky, hormonal, pregnant woman that no one can relate to, or is this pretty common? ”

by NoraDun NoraDun

Quick Tips

  • 1. Many women notice an increased sex drive during pregnancy
  • 2. It is normal to prefer to abstain from sex, too. Every woman feels differently
  • 3. Sex during pregnancy is generally safe unless your doctor has advised you to avoid it
  • 4. If you have concerns about your sex life during pregnancy, be sure to speak to your OB or midwife

Real Mom Solutions

Are your hormones out of control this pregnancy? Many moms experience an increased sex drive during pregnancy, especially after the first trimester. Find out what you can expect from the moms of CafeMom.

Increased Sex Drive Is Normal

  • KolbysMomma1

    My poor hubby is always like, "Baby, why?" Never thought I'd hear a man complain about his wife wanting to have sex all the time. Shouldn't that be a guy's dream come true?

  • csimmons_88

    I've been having quite a few orgasms since I've been pregnant because my sex drive has been crazy from the start. I haven't had any contractions or cramping. Just feels good.

  • Jersey_class

    I have to admit, pregnancy sex is the best sex I've ever had. I look at my honey and want to put my son to sleep so I can just have "mommy and daddy time." These hormones are the best thing to happen to our relationship.

  • mommymary6507

    Back when I was pregnant, I wanted sex ALL the time! I would dream about sex constantly.

  • epoh

    My sex drive is through the roof during pregnancy.

Not All Women Notice an Increase

  • jelly.beans

    I'm almost 9 weeks and we haven't had sex since conception occurred! With my first child, we had sex maybe four or five times total. I have ZERO sex drive while pregnant. Plus, now we have an almost three-year-old who wears us out on top of my being pregnant.

  • rileysmommy229

    I've never had a good sex drive and that hasn't changed since I've been pregnant.

  • Army_Wife41

    With my son, I didn't notice a change in my sex drive. I wanted it about the same amount as before I was pregnant...but this time... I am ALL over my husband.

  • LilynAustin

    I personally hate sex when I am pregnant. I don't know why, I just don't like it. Some women find that they enjoy sex more. It is easier to achieve orgasm when pregnant. I just find that I am too tired, and have no libido when pregnant.