How can I keep in shape during my pregnancy?

Real Mom Problem

“Just curious as to what you do for exercise. Do you go on walks? Do you go to the gym? I usually do some yoga, but lately I've fallen completely out of routine and I'm not doing anything. I was also told by my doctor to cut back on carbs because of certain early 'signs' of possible gestational diabetes. Are any of you cutting back on certain things? Trying to eat healthier?”

by akrogers13 akrogers13

Quick Tips

  • 1. Pregnancy is not an excuse to stop your workout routine or to start eating unhealthily
  • 2. Staying fit during pregnancy will make labor and delivery and your postpartum recovery easier physically
  • 3. Moms recommend walking, prenatal Pilates, yoga, Zumba, and more
  • 4. Don't overdo it: Listen to your body and stop when you are getting tired or feeling uncomfortable
  • 5. Ask your doctor before beginning a new exercise routine while pregnant

Real Mom Solutions

Don't use pregnancy as an excuse to stop exercising and to eat whatever you want! Staying fit and eating well still hold the same health benefits for you -- and now for baby. They also might make your delivery and postpartum recovery easier. See what these moms recommend for keeping in shape during your pregnancy.

Work It Out

  • mefingas

    With my first I worked and was on my feet walking all day. This time around I walk, do prenatal Pilates, and Lindsey Brin's prenatal toning/cardio and yoga DVDs, which are trimester-specific.

  • One-n-Counting

    I run after my two boys and do housework!

  • cjmarty

    Walking (I prefer outdoors on warm evenings, but I do try to do it every day, even if it's just the treadmill), elliptical a couple times a week, and kegels (I'm told they will make my life easier). Going to try out one of those awesome-looking bouncy balls soon.

  • lulu9209479

    Zumba about four times a week, and weight lifting every other time I do cardio. I also go to a prenatal yoga class on occasion and I have a prenatal workout DVD that I do sometimes when I can't make it to Zumba.

  • aympreggo

    With my first I didn't exercise, that's why I looked flubby. With this second baby, I walk to the mall on weekends and also I'm planning to start the Pilates DVD this week. I just don't want to look flubby and I want to look more toned this time.

  • mamahogan2

    Swimming is great! An evening swim can feel amazing!

  • AriMommy

    Five miles of walking/jogging on a treadmill four to five times a week. When I'm walking I jack the incline up to 7-10. I also lift weights, do tricep dips and push-ups for my arms.

Listen to Your Body

  • Mrs.Andrews

    Talk to your doctor about what you should do since you are just starting out. Also just use common sense. Don't overdo it with any exercise. Don't do things that will work on your abs at all, don't let yourself get overheated. A great exercise while pregnant is swimming. It's good cardio and will help to tone up your muscles. You can swim laps or join an aerobics class.

  • nautired

    My doctor told me I can do whatever I feel comfortable doing within common sense. I'm lifting light weights, doing squats and walking.

  • kiwilime

    My doctor told me I could run my entire pregnancy (she did with hers). I have always stopped running once it got painful for me and just walked at a fast pace. The only thing she said was it should be at a pace that I can hold a conversation and to listen to my body.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

  • Mrs.Andrews

    You should eat as healthy as you can and get exercise -- then don't worry about it. Sometimes even the healthiest people gain a lot while pregnant.

  • mrs.jonesy

    Try to maintain a pretty healthy diet. Nothing crazy, no "dieting," so to speak. With my first baby I gained 70 pounds. The midwives got onto me all the time about it, but no one knew where it was going! Just relax, keep up your walking and eating healthy stuff. Tons of raw veggies and fruits too!

  • gavs4boys

    All you can do is eat healthier and walk. And try not to stress about it. Stress isn't going to help either.

  • mem82

    Just eat as healthy as you can and exercise. You'll have less weight to lose after the baby is born.