How can I sleep better while pregnant?

Real Mom Problem

“I have only been able to get about two to three hours of sleep at night. I am out of ideas. I wake every 45 minutes or so because my hips hurt so bad and then I have to pee. My two-year-old would also greatly appreciate any ideas since he bears the brunt of my grumpiness, poor baby.”

by Larsbug Larsbug

Quick Tips

  • 1. Try a pregnancy pillow to help support your body and keep yourself comfortable in bed
  • 2. Some pregnant moms sleep better in an upright position
  • 3. Be sure to unwind before bed, with a relaxing bath or shower, a good book, some yoga exercises, or a cup of tea or milk
  • 4. If you are experiencing severe sleep issues, be sure to check with your doctor before trying any sleep medication while pregnant

Real Mom Solutions

Are you finding it impossible to sleep while you're pregnant? Try these strategies to help you catch some z's at a time when your body needs it most!

Pillows, Pillows, Pillows

  • mnt_2_b_mommy

    Are you using anything to help you stay comfortable overnight, like a pregnancy pillow or body pillows? My hips killed me before getting my Snoogle.

  • skinsfan26

    I use three pillows--one for my head and one on each side of my body so that way when I turn over in my sleep I always have a pillow under my belly. My fiancée calls it my fort.

  • Mrs.Andrews

    Try sleeping propped on your side with a pillow under your back and one pillow between your legs.

  • his_wifey09

    A body pillow made a huge difference for me. And I've realized that all I have to do is lay on my husband's chest and I'm out.

Try Staying Upright

  • Kaydence2010

    Try sleeping sitting up. I had to do that when I was pregnant with my daughter.

  • Koux

    I found propping myself up with about five pillows in bed really helps. So you're at a more reclined position rather than flat. It helps me breathe better, and therefore sleep better. If nothing really helps, take comfort in knowing your body is just preparing for baby. When you're getting up every hour to feed baby in a few weeks, it won't be such a shock to your system, because you'll already be used to getting no sleep.

Be Sure to Unwind

  • Andy15

    I eat a tablespoon of honey about 2 hours before bed, or I mix it with lukewarm milk. That helps me get through the night.

  • kmqw229

    I use a white noise app set to the ocean which relaxes me.

  • wife2jeff

    I would drink a cup of warm tea or milk. It helped a lot. Reading before bed would also put me to sleep.

  • mom2lisa

    If I can manage some yoga exercises before bed, I get a better night's sleep, but that's not always possible. I am going to start trying to meditate before bed to help relax and maybe just a few stretches instead of trying a whole yoga segment.

  • louzannalady

    One thing I do is I get off the computer and turn off the TV about an hour or two before bed. Studies show that the light from the TV and computer (and phone and iPad) interfere with your body's ability to "wind down." I will then take a nice bath and drink some chamomile tea before bed. Works like a charm to get my body and mind to calm down. I also sleep with about a million pillows around and a fan going for white noise.

  • meam4444

    I always took a warm shower every evening to help all my muscles just relax. It also helped with any aches and pains too. Some nights, I would sleep with pillows all around my body to help with the comfort.

  • Autumn19

    Maybe try a walk in the evening then a warm shower before bed.

Are Sleep Aids Safe?

  • KADE1985

    It is NOT safe to use melatonin while pregnant. The only thing you can take is Benadryl (75mg max) and Tylenol PM. If you can't sleep because of pain, ask your doctor for Hydrocodone. I had to take it for migraines while I was pregnant.

  • MommyO2-6631

    My midwife told me that it's ok to take Unisom sleep gels, as long as it's not every night.

  • devinsmom42

    My doctor says Tylenol PM is OK to take at night so that's what I do. I take them and usually take a warm bath for about half an hour while they kick in. Then I sleep like a baby.