When is it safe to have sex again after delivery?

Real Mom Problem

“Do I really need to wait to 'rekindle the flame?' I mean I know I'm supposed to wait 6 weeks but it's been 4 and a half and I'm not bleeding anymore. What do you think?”

by staffordmommy staffordmommy

Quick Tips

  • 1. Most obstetricians recommend waiting six weeks after delivery before having sex again
  • 2. Many moms report being ready to have sex earlier than six weeks postpartum; choose what's right for your relationship and what you feel comfortable with
  • 3. Resuming sexual activity earlier could increase your risk of infection and slow your healing process
  • 4. When you're ready to have sex again, discuss your birth control options with your doctor

Real Mom Solutions

Most doctors recommend waiting at least six weeks postpartum before resuming sexual activity. Is the six-week wait right for you and your partner? Find out how these moms decided when it was time to have sex again.

Wait at Least Six Weeks

  • nathans_mom407

    With my first pregnancy I had a third-degree tear so I waited much longer than six weeks. I was in a lot of pain. With the second I had a first -degree tear so I was ready by the six or seven week mark.

  • KatieGirls2

    I waited six-plus weeks with my first. Might be longer with my latest baby though. I had a second-degree tear and about 20 stitches. Ouch!

  • purvislets

    The risk of infection is higher before the six weeks are up (plus there is always the possibility of conceiving again quickly. I've seen it happen to lots of people!). Personally, I always wait at least the six weeks. Once I have my 6 week check up and everything is given the go-ahead then I start thinking about it again. Maybe it's because I've always had to have a couple stitches after my babies were born and the pain that first time after was pretty intense that it causes me to want to put it off. My opinion is to wait.

Try It Earlier if You're Ready

  • Devious103102

    If you're feeling up to it then give it a try. Just take it slow and use lube. With my oldest I waited eight weeks, my second four to six weeks, with my third just one week, and with my last we tried at 11 days but it didn't go so well so we waited four more days and it went much better.

  • Beautifulmom513

    From what I have heard it's OK as long as the bleeding has stopped and you have some form of birth control. I waited until I stopped bleeding at three weeks. Doctor said that was fine.

  • eneed1566

    I only waited four weeks with both of mine. I only had bleeding for about two weeks, if that. It wasn't planned, just finally one night we knew we were both ready to try. Had to take it nice and slow. And of course it didn't last long, on his end especially, so that made it easier.

  • Momma480

    I never waited the six weeks; I think the longest was two weeks. Just use some K-Y Jelly to help if you have any dryness.

  • Mrs_Szontagh

    Not many women I know have actually waited six weeks. I think we made it between 4-5 weeks. When you're comfortable, go for it!