Is it safe to have sex while pregnant?

Real Mom Problem

“My significant other and I like to have sex a lot, but the closer to the due date I get, the more nervous he gets. He thinks that when we have sex, he's hurting the baby! I keep telling him that it's not true.”

by vinalex0581 vinalex0581

Quick Tips

  • 1. Sex is safe during a normal healthy pregnancy unless your doctor tells you otherwise
  • 2. Try to find positions that are comfortable for your changing body
  • 3. If you have concerns about having sex while pregnant, talk to your doctor or midwife

Real Mom Solutions

Health professionals agree that sex is safe during a normal, healthy pregnancy. See what these moms had to say about their experience.

Sex During Pregnancy Is Safe

  • mommakline

    Sex during pregnancy is fine, no matter how you do it, unless a doctor says no.

  • jaden332

    I'm 36 weeks and four days along and we still have sex once or twice a day. I'm hoping soon it will start labor!

  • Flyingfox3

    We found sex a bit challenging the bigger I would get, but it was fun and exciting to be able to try out so many different things and positions (some of which we never thought of when not pregnant).

  • MikeysMom51108

    Sex is safe during pregnancy as long as your doctor hasn't said otherwise. At the end of pregnancy, if your body is ready to go into labor, semen can trigger the cervix to dilate, which in turn can trigger contractions. But that won't happen unless your body's already ready.

Relax and Listen to Your Body

  • mrsestepp

    If you feel any pain during sex, stop and call your doctor or wait until your next doctor's appointment.

  • Nellie4you724

    Your baby loves when you have sex because it is a rocking feeling for the baby. And never think you are poking the baby's head; there is so much in between the penis and the baby's head, the baby will not notice.

  • Marimaru

    Just pay attention to your body. If you are farther along, being on your back can make you dizzy, which is a sign you need to get off your back. But your body will tell you if you need to stop doing a certain thing.