Is it safe to have an orgasm while I'm pregnant?

Real Mom Problem

“I am early in my second trimester and my sex drive has increased a lot, but it feels weird to me to let myself have an orgasm (as much as I need one). I feel the contractions and somehow it doesn't feel right.”

by Ella3907 Ella3907

Quick Tips

  • 1. Most health professionals say it's safe to have sex and reach orgasm while pregnant
  • 2. Many women experience contractions after orgasm--they are usually small and nothing to worry about
  • 3. Always discuss any concerns you have about your pregnancy with your doctor

Real Mom Solutions

Many moms worry that having an orgasm while pregnant might kick-start contractions or harm the baby. These moms share their experiences to help you enjoy sex and stay carefree.

Orgasms During Pregnancy Are Safe

  • brandyrn

    It is normal to orgasm while you're pregnant. Unless the doctor tells you that your cervix is shortening or you have problems with preterm labor or puts you on "restrictions," then have fun.

  • csimmons_88

    I've been having quite a few orgasms since I've been pregnant because my sex drive has been crazy from the start. I haven't had any contractions or cramping--I just feel good!

Be Aware of Post-Sex Contractions

  • sofia0587

    Any time I orgasm I get minor contractions. My doctor said it was completely normal as long as you're not having bleeding.

  • vclement

    It's completely safe to have an orgasm while you're pregnant and when the baby is still so small, it probably won't even notice you're contracting. It's actually quite common to have contractions the whole time you're pregnant even without orgasm, as long as there is no pain or bleeding. There could be some spotting that would also be normal after sex just like with a vaginal exam.

  • MrsTeator

    My man and I have had lots of sex while I'm pregnant and he definitely gave me some orgasms! Everything is fine. Sometimes if I had multiple orgasms, I'd get the teensiest of contractions, but they weren't dangerous and the sex was completely worth it. At 31 weeks I am getting more contractions and they last a little longer after sex, but I am still doing it. I can't seem to get a full-throttle orgasm these days with my big old stomach, but unless a doc tells me to stop, I will do it till the day she is born!