What are some good baby shower theme ideas?

Real Mom Problem

“I'm going to throw a baby shower next month. I have never organized a baby shower. Any ideas will be appreciated.”

by miaa36 miaa36

Quick Tips

  • 1. Adding a theme to a baby shower can help tie together the decorations, activities, and even the gifts
  • 2. Moms have enjoyed showers with themes like books, Dr. Seuss, luau, and more
  • 3. Shower games can help develop the theme and add entertainment to the party

Real Mom Solutions

Are you throwing a baby shower, for yourself or someone else? Entertain guests with a cute theme and fun shower games. The moms of CafeMom tell you how below.

Match the Shower to the Family

  • Tarotknits

    Our shower theme is Dr. Seuss; the same as our nursery theme.

  • RADmomma

    When we had a shower for my friend her only request was that everyone bring a book. She is an avid reader and wanted to make sure her son had a great library. So in the invites we wrote "Books for Baby" and we did a book theme shower.

  • bri2011

    If there is a particular thing/idea/character mom likes, that would make for a really cute and personalized theme for her baby shower.

Check Out These Cute Theme Ideas

  • wife2jeff

    A western theme would be cute for a boy.

  • skittles2011

    I'm having my first girl and we've chosen a Strawberry Shortcake theme.

  • kmqw229

    We just did a polka dot theme for my shower. I liked it.

  • Hot_Badonkadonk

    I had a co-ed luau-themed baby shower. It was a lot of fun!

Don't Forget the Games

  • Kriztiibee

    1. Get 3 tiny, cheap diapers and write a different number on each (1, 2, and 3). Melt 3 different kinds of chocolate and place a different one in each, so it looks like a dirty diaper, then have every one smell and guess what kind of chocolate it is and who ever is the closest wins!

    2. You'll need yarn and baby ornaments. You can find them at craft stores; they have tiny bottles, carriages, and rattles. Place them on the necklaces of yarn, and give a necklace to everyone who shows up at the baby shower. Anytime you hear someone say "baby" throughout the party, you take that person's necklace and put it on and who ever has the most necklaces wins!

    3. You'll need ornaments for this too; you get an ice tray and freeze one tiny plastic toy baby into each ice cube and place one in everyone's drink. Whoever's ice melts first and has the baby at the bottom of the glass yells "MY WATER BROKE!" That person would win!

    Prizes for the winners makes it more fun! Nothing fancy but a little gift!