What are the most important things to get for my new baby?

Real Mom Problem

“What are the 'must haves' for a baby? I don't mean things that are just really great, I mean the things every parent should have.”

by LucyHarper LucyHarper

Quick Tips

  • 1. Diapers, wipes, a car seat, and clothes are the most common must-haves cited by moms
  • 2. Some moms also suggest a baby carrier, a nursing pillow, and a portable bed for the baby
  • 3. Save money on baby essentials by shopping before baby is born and stockpiling when things are on sale

Real Mom Solutions

Are you wondering what baby gear items are really essential? Check out what the moms of CafeMom consider "must-haves" so that you'll have the right gear when baby arrives.

Start with the Bare Minimum

  • illinoismommy83

    You need a car seat, some clothes, and some diapers. You don't need special baby towels or soaps or jumpers or any of that unless you want it. You don't need a changing table, you don't need a wipe warmer, you don't even need a diaper bag. I just carry a purse with 3 diapers, some wipes, and a sleeper as a backup. I would suggest you get the bare minimum and wait and see. If after a couple weeks you feel you cannot live another minute without a swing, get one. You probably will not need half the stuff that stores make you feel like your baby cannot live without.

  • SewingMamaLele

    A car seat, diapers (cloth if you really want to save money), some clothes, a towel, a bath seat or tub of some kind, baby bath wash. That's really about all that is required, everything else is personal preference. You really don't NEED a stroller or crib. I would highly recommend a sling or carrier of some kind, but obviously moms do without them all the time. So much really is optional. Babies don't need very much except a clean butt, mom's arms, and milk.

  • Larissalarie

    What some moms think is absolutely essential, another mother will never use. It all SOUNDS essential before you get into it and really find out what works for your family. What I immediately thought of for needs were: diapers, clothes, car seat, & boobs. Everything else is debatable and unnecessary if you don't buy it before the baby comes.

  • louzannalady

    Size 1 and 2 diapers. Lots of wipes! Hold off on stocking up on newborn-size diapers until after the baby is born. Receiving blankets and clothes. Boppy pillow and swings are very important. Car seat (of course). The rest really is fluff!

Consider These New Mom Must-Haves

  • Actingbaby

    Diapers, wipes, onesies, a few "real" outfits for going out and about, blankets, bottles if you plan to bottle feed, baby wash, Q-tips for cord care, and a few sleepers if you keep it colder in your house.

  • Randi02

    Carriers (I love my wraps as well!) allow me to wear my babies and nurse them while getting things done around the house. They sleep, or are just content, without me sticking them in a swing or bouncy chair.

  • TnJsmama

    I got a pack of 12 of the old fashioned tri-fold cloth diapers. I use them for everything! Throw it on the bed for middle of the night changes, burp cloth, etc. They are cheap and easy to clean and nice to have on hand because you don't care if they get messed up. Plus you can bleach them if necessary. Then just rewash with your baby detergent.

  • Turtledoves

    Above all, a video monitor. I couldn't get anything done without one. It offers such peace of mind!

  • Marimaru

    One thing that I would consider high on the list of 'bonus but not REALLY needed' would be an alternate sleep place, like a bouncer seat or a swing. It's nice to have a second place for baby to sleep, or something portable. Or just to sit in. Our daughter loved to sit in her bouncer seat if she wasn't in my or my husband's arms.

  • DaisyFitz07

    I LOVE my Boppy! It's the best. I breastfeed and it's such a support! But even for bottle feeding, it would be a nice support!

  • surferlover

    I bought a Moses basket because I live in a big two-story and don't feel safe leaving baby to nap upstairs alone. Now I can have him with me in any room and I can keep an eye on him.

  • RileyMom9.10.11

    If you plan to breastfeed, a co-sleeper bassinet is awesome.

Shop Smart

  • mem82

    I would buy a pack of wipes ($2) every time you go to the store. It's just a little bit of money but your stockpile will be huge! Also, having four kids, I will say, for the big items spend a little more and buy Fisher-Price when it comes to swings and bouncers. They last forever.

  • Stevensmomma

    I didn't start buying anything until I was in my second trimester and all I bought were diapers and wipes when they were on sale and I had coupons. Also, don't buy all one size. Get some size 1s and 2s, and don't get newborn size; the hospital gives you a bunch and people give you them at your shower, and babies aren't in them long.

  • marihla

    Absolutely buy diapers when they are on sale. Stock up on diapers and wipes now, you'll be so glad you did! I just bought a bunch of 50-packs of Huggies for $7.99, their regular price was $15!