Should I find out the sex of my baby?

Real Mom Problem

“I have been having mixed feelings about finding out the sex of the baby. This is my second baby and I thought it would be nice to know so I can pick out a name and buy the stuff I need that's not gender neutral. My fiancé doesn't want to find out. I am torn because there is a part of me that doesn't want to find out, to keep it a surprise and all that.”

by butterflymama23 butterflymama23

Quick Tips

  • 1. Finding out baby's gender can help you prepare for the arrival, decide on a name, and stock up on gear and clothes
  • 2. Some moms find out the gender because they can't take the suspense -- nine months is a long time to wait!
  • 3. Many moms prefer to not find out and enjoy the surprise that comes with delivery instead
  • 4. If you have multiple children, you might find out with earlier kids but leave it a surprise during later pregnancies

Real Mom Solutions

Finding out the gender of your baby can help you plan for baby's arrival, but many moms prefer to be surprised on delivery day. Let these moms help you decide if finding out the sex of your baby is right for you.

Find Out for Planning Purposes

  • Actingbaby

    I am a planner and like to know in advance. I'm not good with surprises. But if you really want it to be a surprise then no one should know because they will most likely slip.

  • mama-smurf

    I'm finding out the gender so I can buy clothes and baby stuff.

  • aidenmomplus4

    We found out with our first two pregnancies and it was great as far as getting things together.

Find Out if You Can't Take Suspense

  • lilmama8408

    I think it depends. We found out with our first, a boy, had a baby shower and got all blue. We also ended up getting rid of all his baby stuff except clothes. We are having a girl now and need all new stuff. If we have a third I might do a surprise since we have one of each. But I hate waiting!

  • jenzachsam

    I had to find out! When I was pregnant with my firstborn, I bought a lot of green and yellow ducks -- anything that would go both ways. I always say I'm not going to find out, but I do.

  • SunKissedLola

    I originally didn't want to know the gender but later changed my mind. Curiosity got the best of me! This is a very individual choice and there's no right or wrong.

Enjoy the Surprise

  • earthmama727

    To me, there is just something about someone coming out of the delivery room saying, "IT'S A ____!" That is part of it all. Also I figure, there are so few surprises in life, the gender (as well as when labor will happen) is an exciting blessing! I have no temptation to plan my birth date or know the gender!

  • styler7

    I never found out, even with twins. I love surprises!

  • Melissa0741

    We didn't find out with our third child and it was awesome. The delivery was so much more exciting! We bonded with the baby during my pregnancy still. It gets tough toward the end, but it was totally worth it.

  • TurtleMomma82

    We already have a son and a daughter so we are going to leave this little one a surprise.

If You and Your Partner Can't Agree

  • Pandapanda

    I will not be finding out the gender of our next child, but my husband will.

  • quirky_mama

    If my hubby didn't want to find out I don't think I would either, mostly because I couldn't keep something that big to myself! I'd rather not know than have to be the only one with that info, but that's just me.