How can I save money on baby items?

Real Mom Problem

“I'm pregnant with my second daughter, and we're pretty tight right now financially. I'm trying to hunt around for the best deals and budget shop. Anyone have any ideas?”

by Anabiotix Anabiotix

Quick Tips

  • 1. Buy baby gear and clothes secondhand, at thrift stores, yard sales, or online
  • 2. Never buy a used car seat
  • 3. Don't go overboard: stick with just the necessities so you don't spend too much on baby items
  • 4. Shop sales throughout your pregnancy and stock up while basics like diapers and wipes are cheaper

Real Mom Solutions

Babies are adorable, but they can be expensive, too! Don't let your expected little one put a hole in your wallet. Take these moms' tips for saving money on baby gear, clothes, and more.

Buy Secondhand

  • Jessica181989

    You can find some great deals on gently-used baby stuff! With this pregnancy basically everything I have bought is secondhand or given to me by close family members with kids. I'm a single mother now and I have to pinch my pennies where I can.

  • bustii

    Take advantage of yard sale season! Baby clothes are usually still in great condition and you can't beat the prices. Best deals for a tight budget.

  • Silvia1011

    I would go to yard sales, thrift stores,, or

Search for Sales

  • Mrs.Burke11

    I just bought stuff when I found really good clearance items. I found my Pack 'n Play on clearance at Toys "R" Us for $80, originally $159.99. Just shop around and go into stores because they will have stuff on sale or on clearance that isn't shown online or in an ad.

  • Kaibutsu

    I just go to Wal-Mart and look for sales.

Shop Smart

  • Larsbug

    Money is always going to stress you out, trust me! But if you can get yourself on a strict budget and stick to it, it will make things a little easier. Use coupons, buy generic, go to Wal-Mart and buy Garanimals clothes instead of the expensive stuff they will grow out of REALLY quickly. Hit up garage sales and consignment stores for toys and gear. Buy the car seat new but most other things can be used. If you wait to have kids until you are financially stable then you will never have them.

  • lillucky8

    We buy wipes and diapers with coupons and sales to save every penny possible.

Stick with the Necessities

  • kayleesmom42328

    Babies aren't as expensive as people make them out to be. For us the necessities were a Pack 'n Play, stroller, car seat, onesies and other clothes (most were either hand-me-downs or from consignment stores), blankets, bottles, stuff for bathing the baby, and a few toys.

  • AidanTiarra

    A car seat, diapers, wipes and some onesies and jammies and blankets are the only things that I would absolutely need. We have a crib, stroller, playpen, swing, cute clothes, etc. for our daughter but we could absolutely do without most of it.