What theme should I choose for my baby's nursery?

Real Mom Problem

“I was thinking of doing a monkey theme in my baby's nursery. But I'm thinking of exploring other ideas. What themes have you done or are planning to do?”

by JerseyAirGurl JerseyAirGurl

Quick Tips

  • 1. Moms have lots of unique theme ideas for nurseries, from super heroes to farm animals to cherry blossoms to butterflies
  • 2. You can select a theme based on a favorite character or kids' movie
  • 3. Some moms choose color-coordinated themes, such as blues and browns for a boy, or pink and zebra-stripe for a girl
  • 4. Planning a nursery is a great opportunity to experiment with do-it-yourself decorations

Real Mom Solutions

Are you preparing a nursery for your new baby? Let the moms of CafeMom help you decide on a theme for your baby's room.

Try These Boy Themes

  • LS1030

    We did a colorful Disney and Toy Story inspired nursery. Lots of white furniture from IKEA, then colorful decorations and toys.

  • cw537

    We did super heroes! Electric blues, lime greens, pops of red and yellow! Looks awesome and really unique!

  • LinkinParkslh

    Finding Nemo here! He's also going to have his own salt water tank in his room. His daddy is a salt water fish fanatic.

  • Larsbug

    Our first son was baby farm animals and our second son is baby safari animals.

  • iMommyDi

    Ours was white furniture, light blue, dark blue and chocolate brown polka dots, and stripes. All played together wonderfully!

Try These Girl Themes

  • lillucky8

    Our daughter's room is pink and zebra for the most part. Mostly pink with black accents.

  • Lindalouur

    Pink nursery rhyme, it has the cat and the fiddle, Humpty Dumpty, cow jumping the moon, etc. It was a gift from my mother-in-law and we love it!

  • jazz0201

    I did black and white damask. I found my bedding at J.C. Penny. I did the walls lavender and she has a chandelier for her lighting. I also found letters that are about 18 or 20 inches at Hobby Lobby.

  • wife2jeff

    My best friend painted a beautiful tree wall mural with silk flowers mixed in with painted flowers. It turned out exceptional! I also made some do-it-yourself picture frames. My friend also painted a hand designed flower on the changing table, my mom sewed her quilt and made her bumper and my Grandma sewed a diaper changer for me. I'd say my daughter's room has been a labor of love. I got a lot of ideas off of Pinterest.

  • Mrs.Andrews

    I did my first daughter's room in a lady bug theme. My mom and grandma made crib bumpers, wall hangings, and a quilt for her. I painted wall letters for her name and made curtains. I also collected ladybug things that I found. Same with my second daughter. We did a butterfly theme for her. She doesn't have a nursery but I've been collecting butterfly decorations for her and painted her wall letters. I also like the wooden bugs and flowers that you can hang on the wall, I have them around the letters. I'm thinking if I have another girl I would do dragonflies. They can be so cute but can also grow with the child and be more grown up. Good luck! Collecting everything is so much fun.

  • Whitney15

    I did a cherry blossom theme. I painted the room a very light blue and had a decal that was a wall size big of a cherry blossom tree. She is in a cradle, and I just used a light pink sheet.

Try a Gender-Neutral Theme

  • BellaLove27

    I'm thinking of doing monkeys. I don't really want a theme, because I do not want to change the theme every time he gets older.

  • ragdoll13

    Our daughter has an ocean theme because I have an octopus obsession. Our new baby, whatever it will be, is getting an arctic theme. The little penguins and polar bears are just too cute.

  • Devious103102

    Our daughter's room is celestial-themed.

  • ilovemypfcbryan

    Our daughter's room was done in a jungle theme, and was neutral because we didn't find out the gender! This time around I'm thinking about doing Sesame Street or Dr. Seuss (I'm a sucker for the fun stuff)!

  • Lizzys_mommy13

    I didn't really have a theme with my daughter, but I really like Precious Moments. They fit both a boy and a girl, so I can gather stuff and not worry about it being too boy-ish or too girly.

  • jakesmom323

    It's all white furniture and beach themed. Very Pottery Barn. Look online or on their catalog, they have great ideas.

  • ria7

    We have owls. Zutano is the brand. They are funky and fun!

  • Terri1985

    We are doing a black and white panda bear theme; a black and white damask pattern. It's been the only thing I have liked. I'm painting pandas and bamboo in a mural on her wall.

Try a Theme That Works for Both

  • Apollos82

    For a girl, we'll be doing flamingos, with dark pink, lime green, and peacock blue being the main colors. For a boy, we'll be doing no "theme" really, but lime green, peacock blue, orange, and maybe brown.

  • gacgbaker

    I did sailboats and light houses, a garden theme, and a ducky theme. The ducky theme stuck with the last two, and now the room is just plain for this baby.

  • -Kney-

    We found some camo bedding on Target.com - green or pink - so we are going to do a camo theme.

  • twiztidmommy84

    I had Winnie the Pooh for my 10-month-old daughter but now with my son coming soon I changed to Noah's ark. I thought the idea of two of every critter with a boy and a girl was cute.