Is it okay to paint my baby's nursery while I'm pregnant?

Real Mom Problem

“We bought the no-VOC paint to paint the baby's room. Could I help paint if the windows and doors are open? Or should I just stay away?”

by TessaRae01 TessaRae01

Quick Tips

  • 1. Try to go with low- or zero-VOC paint to minimize your exposure to fumes and toxins
  • 2. Be sure to work in a well-ventilated area
  • 3. Consider hiring someone or trading tasks with a neighbor or friend
  • 4. Check with your doctor before going ahead if you're concerned

Real Mom Solutions

Keeping your baby safe is your first priority when you're pregnant, but you've still got to get stuff done! Read on to see how these moms handled painting their baby's nursery while pregnant.

Be Safe with Your Paint Choices

  • nicolepaints

    If you use a true zero-VOC paint, then there will be no problem. The issue is more likely, whether or not the paint that you have is actually zero-VOC. Check the manufacturer's material safety data sheet.

  • MommyIsMyName90

    I helped paint my boys' rooms when I was pregnant. I'd be careful with any primer though -- a few of them having warnings for pregnant women right on the can.

  • Stevensmomma

    If you get the low-odor type of paint, open the windows, use a mask, and take frequent fresh-air breaks, yes, it's safe for you to paint the nursery when you're pregnant.

  • trishak76

    Search for low-VOC paint or no-VOC paint. The odor you smell when painting is toxic fumes. It's definitely not worth the risk to your baby in my opinion. The fumes have been known to cause birth defects. No-VOC paint may be a little more expensive, but the few dollars is worth it when it comes to a healthy baby.

  • RADmomma

    I painted our room when I was pregnant with my daughter. We got the VOC-free paint, opened all the windows and doors, and it was fine. You couldn't even smell the paint. I wore a dust mask and did the cutting in; then my husband and my mom rolled the walls.

Ventilation Is Key

  • tabbie-kat

    Yes, it's okay to paint, just keep it ventilated. I would suggest taking a fan and facing it towards the window so it pulls the fumes outwards, too.

  • fenderkw

    I helped my husband paint our son's nursery when I was pregnant with him. We opened windows and turned on the fan, so I think it's fine.

  • KatieGirls2

    Painting when pregnant is not a problem; most paint now is almost fume-free. Open a window or two and if you get tired, take a break.

  • -mrs.mamma-

    Ask your doctor, but I would think if the room is well ventilated you should be okay painting.

Be Aware of Other Painting Hazards

  • staciababy

    We are remodeling our bathroom, and trust me, a pregnant women standing on anything higher than the floor is dangerous. There are more dangers to painting than just the fumes, of which water-based paint is safe. The high-up stuff is going to need the attention of someone that has a normal center of gravity.

  • mem82

    Try to avoid stretching too hard or climbing higher than one step on a very sturdy step ladder if you're going to paint while pregnant.