How soon after a miscarriage can I try again?

Real Mom Problem

“We just had our first loss. I want to start trying again very soon. I know this will be emotionally hard, but I would rather start this process sooner rather than later. When did you start trying again and how long did it take after your miscarriage to become pregnant?”

by emknap emknap

Quick Tips

  • 1. After a miscarriage, you may be eager to try again, but give yourself enough time to heal physically and emotionally
  • 2. Some moms report getting pregnant as soon as a month after a miscarriage; for others, it takes longer
  • 3. Make sure you have the go-ahead of your doctor or midwife before trying again

Real Mom Solutions

After suffering a miscarriage, you may be eager to try again for another baby. See how soon you can start trying, once you have healed physically and emotionally.

See What Worked for Other Moms

  • Tkk4E

    As soon as I healed six weeks later, I got pregnant again. I'm now 37 weeks and five days pregnant. She's almost here.

  • Sweethrtsmom

    I had to have two D&C procedures with my miscarriage and then got pregnant two months later to have a healthy happy daughter who is now six years old.

  • wife2jeff

    I tested positive three months later both times.

  • kmqw229

    I had a successful pregnancy the month after my miscarriage.

Check with Your Doctor

  • chrisnmandysmom

    Make sure the doctor checks everything out to make sure there aren't any complications the next time around.

  • Lesliemom2mzjm

    My doctor was all for us going ahead and trying again immediately. She said my body was already prepped for pregnancy and it might actually make it easier.

  • kLynch315

    My doctor suggested I have two regular cycles before trying again. So we did and I am now seven weeks along.