How will I know if I'm having a miscarriage?

Real Mom Problem

“Am I having a miscarriage? I went in to the ER yesterday for bleeding brown blood. I'm seven weeks and three days pregnant. They told me it was just a threatened miscarriage. I'm really trying to stay positive here, but it's hard when I won't stop bleeding.”

by Aimeeo0o21 Aimeeo0o21

Quick Tips

  • 1. Most miscarriages occur during the first 13 weeks of pregnancy, but any pregnancy loss before 20 weeks is considered a miscarriage
  • 2. Signs of miscarriage include severe cramping and pain, heavy bleeding, and clot-like discharge
  • 3. Some women don't experience heavy bleeding or cramping when they miscarry
  • 4. Bleeding during pregnancy is common and is not always cause for concern
  • 5. If you think you are experiencing a miscarriage, call your care provider right away

Real Mom Solutions

The threat of miscarriage looms over every pregnant woman's mind, especially during the early weeks of pregnancy. Since spotting and cramping can be normal during pregnancy, how do you know for sure if you're miscarrying? Read these moms' miscarriage experiences, and talk to your doctor about your concerns.

Recognize the Signs of Miscarriage

  • mommy2lexinmark

    I had spotting for a day and then started bleeding a little and I didn't get cramps right away. The cramps started a few days after the bleeding. It was almost a week of this before I actually miscarried.

  • LadyByrdNest

    Cramps, bleeding, lots of pain, bloating, clotting.

  • raynejane

    I have had a miscarriage with no pain; a lot of bleeding, but no pain whatsoever.

  • RandJsmom

    I just lost my baby. This is what I experienced in a nutshell: Began with spotting which led to light bleeding, large blood clots (black or deep red in color), and lower back pain.

  • Rhynestonefreak

    When I had mine, I could tell that I had a miscarriage. I was having the worst cramps I had ever had in my life and bleeding HEAVILY (I went through two pads in about an hour's time) and when "it" finally happened, it was grayish but had blood all on it, too. You can just kind of tell.

Bleeding Isn't Always Cause for Worry

  • cjmarty

    I cramped a LOT for the first couple months of my pregnancy; that's normal. I've had a little cramping throughout my pregnancy as well, but unless you are bleeding with it, there is usually absolutely nothing to worry about.

  • BlessedMommyNE

    I had heavy spotting off and on during my last two pregnancies and have had two healthy boys! BUT my first pregnancy I had the same thing and it turned into heavy bleeding and that's when I found I had miscarried. So to be honest it seems it can go either way. This pregnancy I've had not one bit of bleeding -- all pregnancies can be so different!

  • kajira

    I bled for a week around seven weeks. It was maroon/brown blood and gooey. What I was told is that it was not a threatened miscarriage. It was old blood, most likely from implantation, or blood from when the placenta started attaching to the uterine wall and was leaking out. I was told to take it easy for about a week, wear a pad, and as long as there was no cramping, or gushing of bright red blood, odds are the baby was fine. We had a second ultrasound and saw a healthy heartbeat.

  • mommyof5th

    I asked my doctor if it's normal to have a period while you are pregnant. She said yes, as long as you are not bleeding dark red or passing any heavy clots.

  • Mommytomuffin

    If the blood is light pink and you don't feel any pain, don't worry about it. In the first trimester, the cervix is sensitive and that's why you will get light pink or red blood after sex or masturbation.

Symptoms Could Mean Something Else

  • SuperMom2433

    It might possibly be a SCH, subchorionic hematoma. I had that with my now seven-month-old son.

  • Owl_Feather

    I had a bad urinary tract infection during my first pregnancy and didn't even notice any symptoms because I had to pee a lot anyway. When I started urinating blood is when I went to the emergency room and the receptionist told me it was definitely a miscarriage. It ended up being a severe urinary tract infection. I was given medication and it went away in three days.

  • Rayawni

    Urinary tract infections can cause cramping and sometimes spotting.