What precautions should I take while traveling when pregnant?

Real Mom Problem

“I've never flown before so to fly for the first time while almost seven months pregnant is stressing me out a bit. I just want to know if it's safe or not. I'm going to ask my doctor but was just wondering if anyone else has flown while seven months pregnant. Any advice?”

by Mommytime33 Mommytime33

Quick Tips

  • 1. Stay hydrated
  • 2. Be prepared to take frequent breaks to stretch, walk, and to use the bathroom
  • 3. If flying, request an aisle seat for easier bathroom access and the chance to stretch your legs
  • 4. Contact the airline to see if they require a note from your doctor
  • 5. If driving, build in extra time for rest stops
  • 6. Always check with your care provider before planning any long trips

Real Mom Solutions

Whether for pleasure, or out of necessity, traveling while pregnant can present a host of concerns. The moms of Cafemom share their strategies for making travel safe -- and comfortable!

Take Precautions

  • eChard

    Just make sure you eat, drink, and rest when needed.

  • mewebb82

    It's fine to travel before eight months as long as you don't have any complications with your pregnancy that would make it unsafe. As far as precautions, drink a lot of water. Dehydration is an increased risk when traveling.

  • firstbee

    My doctor said to make sure to get up to walk and stretch my legs every two hours. The increase in the volume of blood we carry increases the chances of blood clots.

Be Prepared

  • Pandapanda

    I went on vacation twice during my first pregnancy. Everything was fine except for horrendous food poisoning the first time and horrendous in-laws the second time. Just make sure you have your doctor or midwife's number on speed dial just in case.

  • krysta.cole

    I'm 31 weeks and driving six hours to Disneyland. I just looked up a few hospitals along the way who take my insurance.

  • wife2jeff

    Generally, traveling in the third trimester is not encouraged. If you must travel be sure you know where the nearest hospitals are between your current location and your destination. Also, bring a comfy pillow for back support. I was told by my doctor that traveling before the third trimester is perfectly safe if you've had a healthy pregnancy.

Do Some Research

  • christinajoy864

    Be prepared to make changes depending on your pregnancy. Talk to your doctor and have him or her write you a note if they give the green light. I was so sick when I was pregnant that different scenery was awesome.

  • meam4444

    It is perfectly okay to fly when pregnant (you can ask your doctor if it is okay). I know some airlines require a note after 36 weeks, and some others don't require one at all. My last pregnancy, I flew when I was 20 weeks to Greece, and then again when I was 33 weeks to New York City. I just made sure to listen to my body and drink lots of water. I did a lot of walking both places (including kayaking in Greece and climbing to the top of the Acropolis too!). I did get a doctor's note when I went to Greece since we were flying on a Greek airline to an island and they required it. But, I have never even been questioned by any US airline when I have flown during any pregnancy.

  • KatieGirls2

    I think some airlines require a note from your doctor when you are very far along, other than that it just depends on how you feel.