How can I handle being on bed rest when I have another child at home?

Real Mom Problem

“I recently got put on bed rest. It's not going well. I feel like an awful mom because if I'm resting, I feel like I'm not taking care of my toddler, but if I'm not resting, I feel like I'm not taking care of my baby. It's lose-lose and I'm just so discouraged.”

by saltyalley1227 saltyalley1227

Quick Tips

  • 1. If you have family or friends nearby, don't be afraid to ask them for help
  • 2. Have your partner prepare things like snacks and clothes for the kids before leaving for the day
  • 3. Make sure you have lots of activities for your children within easy reach of your bed or couch
  • 4. See if your partner can adjust their work schedule to allow for more time at home
  • 5. Don't overdo it. Remember, bed rest won't last forever, and it will all be worth it in the end

Real Mom Solutions

Bed rest is always a challenge, but when you've got other children to take care of it can seem impossible. Find out how these moms survived bed rest with other kids at home.

Keep Your Kids Busy While You Rest

  • headofthetribe

    The trick is having enough things in your room to keep them happy: Toys, books, colors, snacks, etc. Invest in a small fridge for the bedroom. This will save you and your toddler a lot of crying, and save you from taking steps as well.

  • ByronAidenMom

    With other children and no help, complete bed rest is only a dream. I have my 16-month-old home in the day and I just keep everything I need with me in the living room while my son plays with toys and I rest on the couch. I still do get up to get his stuff--food, diapers and sippy cups. He really entertains himself and we color and look at books. When his big brother gets home, then they go play in their room or in the living room with me. You have to do what you have to do. I would see if your husband can get things ready the night before so you don't have to get up as much.

  • JsunkissedB

    I think taking it easy and not doing housework and taking care of only necessities would do; like getting kids dressed, meals. Have activities set up around the couch so you can sit and relax and color, have play dough and toys all easily accessible so you can still try to entertain the kids as much as possible. Leave baths and cleaning to the hubby. Just don't stress! I know how it feels to have preemies and it's hard to think about. I hope you have a long pregnancy.

  • meam4444

    I usually set up a bunch of toys near the couch where I would rest. I colored and read to my kiddos while on it. Or, I would have them bring me toys to play with them. I also sometimes had my husband get lunch ready and such prior to him leaving, or I had my fridge stocked with easy meals. Good luck momma!

  • JCHovey

    Look into putting your other child in daycare at least part of the week just so you can get some rest. That way he has interaction with other kids and is fully supervised.

Understand Exactly What Bed Rest Means

  • Elfgirl101

    Can you ask your doctor exactly what he means by bed rest? For example:

    - Are you able to lie on the couch & watch TV (so you could watch with your son - some may argue that this is not exactly healthy for him, but it's not as if he'll be constantly watching TV for the rest of his life - it's only for the rest of your pregnancy)?

    - Are you able to get up for short periods so you could set him up with some toys/crafts/etc. that he could play with while you supervise?

    - Are you able to sit up (so you can play games with him)?

    - Are you able to get up for short periods so that you can make him quick meals, etc?

    Can your husband make your toddler's meals & snacks at night & leave them in the fridge for you to get out the next day? In addition, do you have family nearby? Could they help out? Do you have friends nearby? Could they help out? Can your husband work from home? Just make sure you give your toddler lots of lovin' and you have lots of support and lovin' from your husband. It might be hard, but for sure the end result will be worth it.