At what age can a child be diagnosed with ADHD?

Real Mom Problem

“What is the earliest age kids can be diagnosed with ADHD? I have two boys that are almost four and five. My younger one, bless his heart, is so wild.”

by gottoluvem gottoluvem

Quick Tips

  • 1. ADHD is typically diagnosed once a child reaches school age although some children are diagnosed earlier
  • 2. Even before a diagnosis you can make adjustments to things that might impact behavior such as diet, screen time, sleep schedule, and physical activity
  • 3. If you have concerns, discuss them with your child's doctor

Real Mom Solutions

If you're worried about your child, you might be anxious to get a diagnosis. But how young is too young? See what the moms of CafeMom have to say about the best age to have your child tested for ADHD.

  • jas_momof2

    My son was tested and they decided to hold off on an official diagnosis until he was older. You DON'T want him to get a label too soon when it might come up later that he doesn't have it.

  • Leobaby2007

    ADHD cannot be truly determined until they are at least five years old.

  • cheez1e

    Mine didn't get diagnosed until last year, at 10. Mostly because I think it's way over diagnosed but we did everything else we could for him before even coming to the decision to test him.

  • munchkinsmom07

    My son is being tested for ADHD and he's four. I guess it depends.

  • mommykelly3

    My son was JUST diagnosed at five years old. But he had been with this counselor for months first and she said there is no doubt that he has it.

  • orcadarwin

    Our pediatrician, who specializes in ADHD/ADD, said that they can't really be diagnosed until they are school age and in a structured setting, like a classroom, where they have to focus their attention on a specific thing.

  • Shaylyn318

    It was suspected that my son had it at when he was three. I have never had him diagnosed. I was told he was too young, wait until he is older. I found out that many ADHD children cannot have Red 40. It turns out that my son has problems with this. Many of the symptoms go away or are reduced when he has not had any Red 40. I also started giving him omega 3 vitamins which has helped a lot also. He is five now and in kindergarten and so far doing great. The teacher has not informed me of any problems.

  • Cymbeline

    My son was diagnosed at six when he was tested for ASD at a neurologist. They determined he had ADHD as well. I would wait until he's school age.

  • Temecula_Mama

    My son is four, will be five soon and they just diagnosed him with ADHD, ODD, and a mood disorder that could possible turn into bipolar disorder.