Should my child take a stimulant or non-stimulant medication for ADHD?

Real Mom Problem

“Is there a difference between stimulant meds and non-stimulant? Does one help for different kinds of ADHD? I'm not sure where to look for answers.”

by sassy_sweet_blu sassy_sweet_blu

Quick Tips

  • 1. Stimulants are most commonly prescribed for ADHD but non-stimulants can be equally effective
  • 2. Different types of medications work for different people and different symptoms. Your child might need to try several medications before finding what's right for him
  • 3. Consult your child's doctor before beginning or changing any treatment for ADHD
  • 4. Remember, the answers below are not medical advice and should not be relied on as medical advice or used in lieu of speaking with a medical professional

Real Mom Solutions

There are many treatment options for children diagnosed with ADHD. Although your doctor will prescribe what he feels is best, it can be comforting to hear from other moms who've been in your shoes. See what the moms of CafeMom have to say, and talk to your doctor before deciding what's right for your family.

  • sweetmissy_05

    My daughter tried a non-stimulant and that caused bad side effects including lethargy and night terrors so then we put her on a stimulant and that seems to be helping her. I have noticed she's a lot better on it. She's a little hungrier than she used to be but overall we have had good luck with this medication.

  • MacIntoshMom

    My 10-year-old is on a stimulant and it works wonders! He was on another med for a while because he was losing weight and not sleeping when he first started medication, but we went back to the stimulant and he's gaining weight and sleeping and it's helping his ADHD. It's all about trial and error. Good luck!

  • lazyd

    Stimulant vs. non-stimulant is all up to your child and what the doctor feels is best. Each child is different and all meds work differently for each child. It is a huge pain in the butt! And it takes six to eight weeks to TRULY see any results and to see if there are side effects and if those side effects go away. It is all trial and error and unfortunately all of our kids are guinea pigs.

  • letstalk747

    Just as with all other possible meds, one might work for one person but not the next. It's a trial and error thing. Give it a month to see if you notice changes for the better. With some meds you will notice help the next or even same day. My son does best on a stimulant; non-stimulants don't work for my son.

  • Jenniy

    My son is on a non-stimulant for ADHD and it works pretty well. Stimulants just made him angry.

  • jinxmom

    I believe the stimulants helps them to focus and put things in order so to speak, caffeine may do the same thing but I don't notice an improvement when my daughter has pop, coffee etc. Non-stimulants do help but it depends on the child and what they need.