Should I give my child an allowance?

Real Mom Problem

“Does your child get an allowance? How much do they get and when? Do you tie the allowance to the chores or do you keep them separate?”

by Meg_the_Mermaid Meg_the_Mermaid

Quick Tips

  • 1. Consider whether or not you want to tie an allowance to specific chores
  • 2. Ask your kids to do chores that are outside of their normal responsibilities in order to earn money
  • 3. Use your child's allowance as a way to teach about saving , spending, and financial responsibility

Real Mom Solutions

Wondering whether or not you should give your kid an allowance? Check out what these moms have to say about the when, why, and how of giving kids some spending money.

We Don't Give Allowances

  • rockinmomto2

    In our home, everyone pitches in because we're a family. They don't get rewards for doing what's expected and we don't do allowances. If they need money, they come and ask us for it. That's how I was raised, and I think it's the right thing to do. We don't pay them to participate in keeping the house (and yard) neat and tidy. We also won't pay for grades. The satisfaction of doing their best job (and potentially getting a scholarship) is what matters the most.

  • justahousewife

    My 10-year-old daughter told me she thought she should get paid for doing chores. I told her "Okay, but for every chore of yours that I have to do you have to pay me." She said she'd rather not get paid.

  • Meg_the_Mermaid

    I don't pay my daughter for chores/responsibilities. I also believe that there are just things we do because it's the right thing to do and we shouldn't get paid for it. For example, nobody pays me to clean my own home! I do it because it needs to be done and I like a fresh, clean home. I teach my daughter the same.

  • ddwifeone

    I never got an allowance growing up, and my kids don't get allowances either. I don't see why I should pay them to do the things they know they're supposed to do around the house.

  • mommasaint

    I am of the belief that each of us has to contribute to our family to keep it running smoothly, including the kids. My kids don't get allowances. I give them pocket money if they need it for something, and they save their birthday money and Christmas money. If they want to earn money for something above and beyond, then they have to do extra chores that aren't normally their responsibility.

We Give Allowances

  • jessicasmom1

    I give my daughter an allowance. She helps do dishes, gets the trash ready, sweeps the floor, helps with laundry, helps with dinner, and helps me grocery shop and look at all the labels. How much she gets or what she gets money for depends on how much she gets done. It teaches her responsibility and helps her learn to live on her own someday.

  • NYChicago

    Yes, we give our kids allowances. Money is earned; it is not an entitlement. Earning an allowance by doing chores helps kids see the value of money. It also teaches them about budgeting.

  • MOMMYKNS0328

    I think tying chores to an allowance works. I have arranged a chore chart in my house and if all of the chores are completed they are worth ten cents apiece. If there is a chore that is not completed, I deduct it from how much my daughter gets at the end of the week. I feel teaching your children responsibility at a young age will show them that, yes, hard work pays off and not doing something, or fighting about doing it, will not get you anywhere. I think all children should have to do chores because when they are teenagers, I do not want to be picking up after them.