What are some healthy snacks I can give my school-age child?

Real Mom Problem

“I need healthy snack ideas for my son! He would like to be more like his friends and only have sweets and chips -- junk food -- as his snack at school. He's in second grade and wants what everyone else has.”

by mcphersonkj mcphersonkj

Quick Tips

  • 1. Offer a variety of healthy choices so your child gets plenty of nutrients and can select snacks they like from the different options
  • 2. Consider snacks that are easily transported and non-perishable like celery and peanut butter or dried fruit
  • 3. Change it up and get creative with your snack offerings so your kid doesn't get bored

Real Mom Solutions

The moms of CafeMom serve up plenty of yummy, healthy ideas for school snacks. Try these tips, and you'll never be in a snack rut!

  • Karen_S

    Some healthy snack ideas are hummus and carrot sticks, sunflower butter and mini pitas and crackers (you can find crackers in fun shapes), dried fruit and fresh fruit (things like grapes are neater than fruit that has to be cut up), cheese sticks, whole wheat pretzels, cucumber pieces with a yogurt dip, and frozen fruit popsicles.

  • banana-bear

    Fruit leather, yogurt and granola, Babybel cheeses, dried and fresh fruits, applesauce (preferably homemade but organic if you have to buy) and graham crackers to dip with, "ants on a log" or celery with almond butter (if permitted at school) and raisins on top, raw veggies (carrots, broccoli, grape tomatoes, etc.), and smoothies (or smoothies frozen into pops).

  • idareyou

    My kids' favorite snacks are a little yogurt (family size spooned into Dixie cups) with stuff to dip in it like graham crackers and fruit, veggie sticks (really thin like matchsticks) with ranch dip, popcorn, string cheese, and crackers. Those were definitely the most popular snacks in their school.

  • whowhat

    Apple slices and cheese make a good, healthy snack.

  • story0702

    My kids love fruit kabobs.

  • miss_AP

    Some healthy snack ideas are dehydrated or frozen (but not sugared) fruit, Chex Mix (sans peanuts), homemade protein bars, muffins, English muffins, crackers, graham crackers, mini bagels, pita pockets, carrots, and hummus.

  • mommasaint

    My kids like fruit, veggies, yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese sticks, crackers with meat and cheese, and popcorn.

  • 5kids4thismom

    Sometimes I will just buy big cereal boxes of sweetened shredded wheat and divide it out in serving sizes in baggies. I have a lot of zucchini in my garden, so I sent whole wheat zucchini muffins to school the other day. This was actually good because apparently a lot of the kids never tried zucchini before and this taught them to love it!

  • happymama2D

    I make mini oatmeal/banana/butterscotch-chip muffins for a relatively healthy snack. You could also substitute chocolate chips.

  • RLT2

    My kids like clementines, homemade trail mix, pretzel rods, and granola bars.

  • M4LG5

    I like the Go-Gurts or 100-calorie puddings. They're a good source of calcium and kid-approved (most of the time). String cheese and trail mix are also my go-to snacks.

  • lizzig

    My kids take granola bars, fresh and dried fruit, various crackers, dry cereals like Kix and Multi Grain Cheerios, popcorn, and trail mix to school.