What should I do if I catch my teen using drugs?

Real Mom Problem

“I was recently FLOORED by a new revelation. My teenage honor roll student is using drugs and I do not know how the heck to handle it. I am sick about the whole thing!”

by detectimom detectimom

Quick Tips

  • 1. Punish drug use as soon as it occurs, and set restrictions to prevent it from recurring
  • 2. Consider professional help for your teen, depending on frequency of drug use, including therapy and rehab
  • 3. Tell your kids to call you if they find themselves in a situation where drugs are involved
  • 4. Encourage them to get involved in sports and other extra-curricular activities to try to keep them from using drugs
  • 5. Always keep the lines of communication open
  • 6. Consider talking to your teen's doctor or a counselor for advice

Real Mom Solutions

Catching your kid using drugs is every parent's nightmare. Find out from these moms what to do if you find out that your teen is using drugs.

Watch Them Closely & Set Restrictions

  • CTBmom

    I went through the smoking pot thing with my son at the end of his 8th grade year and beginning of 9th grade. We took away his phone, computer and video games, and watched him like a hawk. We wouldn't let him go anywhere on his own for three months. When we finally let him venture out again, it was just walking down the street or to the community dock. We told him that if he wanted to continue to increase his freedom, he better show us that he could make better choices. We then stepped back and gave him more space, and so far he's been doing great. His grades improved and his attitude, while not perfect, has been much better.

  • tina08mommy

    If I caught my teen using drugs, I wouldn't let them out of the house except to go to school.

Get Professional Help

  • 02nana07

    Send your son to drug rehab now before it is too late. Once he turns 18, you are powerless to get him help.

  • gma12.1

    You need to talk to a substance abuse counselor. You could call one of those hotlines that might be able to put you in touch with someone who can help you get information about rehab, or at least point you in the right direction.

  • JenniferSq

    My son fell in with the wrong crowd earlier this year and started smoking pot and popping pills. We cracked down on him and got him into therapy--it was the best thing ever for him! The therapist talked to him without judging and helped him to make the right choices and to listen to his conscience. He has gone four months without using, changed his group of friends, and is back on the right track. I feel we caught him before it got so bad that rehab was necessary.

  • fantasticfour

    I would get your daughter into a rehab program. A lot of insurances cover it.

Scare Them, Talk to Them, Test Them

  • FindersKeepers

    I think it is a good idea to take your kids to criminal court to watch if they're headed down the wrong path.

  • ProudBusyMommy

    Take your son to the police station. Tell them that you want them to explain to him about drugs. Maybe they can even let him see what a jail cell looks like and what it feels like to stand in one. Police stations are usually pretty good with tours, and if you know other parents with the same problem, maybe you could all go together.

  • Not_A_Native

    Talk to your daughter. Find out why she's doing drugs. Find out about her friends. Even if you send her off to rehab, the instant she gets back, she'll see these same people in school and it will start all over again.

  • DarlaHood

    Rehab is difficult for people when they want to change, but when they don't want to change it can be a joke. I would drug test him without warning after a weekend of partying so you can get an idea of what drugs he really is using. Maybe start with some family counseling and get some help working on the appropriate next steps.