How can I keep my teen from using drugs?

Real Mom Problem

“I have a 14-year-old boy who has begun smoking weed. I try to tell him about the consequences of his actions, but he just doesn't seem to care.”

by ct08 ct08

Quick Tips

  • 1. Talk to your kids about the negative effects of drugs
  • 2. Remind them drugs are illegal and there will be legal consequences
  • 3. Tell your kids to call you if they find themselves in a situation where drugs are involved
  • 4. Encourage them to get involved in sports and other extra-curricular activities to try to keep them away from drugs

Real Mom Solutions

Many teens experiment with drugs. How can you keep your teen from trying drugs? See what these moms suggest.

Educate them on the Effects of Drugs

  • DarlaHood

    You have to educate yourself and your son about the true dangers of drugs. Maybe take him to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting (some are open) and let him hear some of the stories shared. I didn't listen to what my parents said because they were so uninformed and the things they said were so ridiculous. If you want your son to take you seriously, you have to know at least as much as he does about drugs, if not more. So educate yourself, and sit down and talk with your son rationally and with concern.

  • tyfry7496

    I have a lot of knowledge about drugs and alcohol and freely share it with my son. From caffeine and nicotine to hard-core drugs, he knows all that can happen. Educating our kids is a key to prevention. It may not stop all kids, but at least they are educated. My son also knows that if I catch him with drugs there will be huge consequences, up to and including rehab. I do NOT mess around with drugs and alcohol.

Some Moms Use Scare Tactics

  • nishiko

    Here's the conversation you need to have: "Okay Junior, here's the deal. As long as you pay for it yourself, get as drunk as you want, as stoned as you want. You aren't driving any of our cars, I can't afford the liability. Since you're determined to be an addict in training, I can't give you any money. If you get caught, busted, I'm not bailing you out of jail, I'm not sending you to rehab. You get tagged with a misdemeanor or felony, tough. The way it works is simple. You don't give a damn about your family, and worse, you don't give a damn about yourself. So we will let you hang out to dry, hotshot. If I catch you doing drugs anywhere, I will turn you in myself, guaranteed."

  • momo3fgr8tteens

    My fifteen-year-old son tells me everyone does drugs. Honor students, athletes, cheerleaders, etc. We regularly drug test our son and started doing this once he started high school. I have talked to him and many of his friends about drug use and they basically don't really see what is wrong with it and say it is better than using alcohol. I have explained to them that it is ILLEGAL and can get them in legal trouble. Some people bash us for drug testing our son but it seems to be a good deterrent right now and he is getting straight As and playing basketball at school. He has told me that if he gets a lot of peer pressure to use drugs he can just say "no, I can't do that; my parents are dumb and they drug test me."

  • ProudBusyMommy

    Take your son to the police station. Tell them that you want them to explain to him about drugs. Maybe they can even let him see what a jail cell looks like and what it feels like to stand in one. Police stations are usually pretty good with tours.

  • lnrmom

    Find a "scared straight" program in your area. The local police station might be able to point you in the right direction, or if you have a jail nearby -- particularly a prison -- call them and see if they have any programs that demonstrate the potential consequences of drugs and alcohol. If not, take your son to the homeless shelter.

  • Alex825

    When my kids were in middle school I bought drug/alcohol tests. They knew at any time I could/would test them any time I had a suspicion. Worked like a charm!