What should I do if my teen is sleeping too much?

Real Mom Problem

“Is it just my daughter? She would sleep all day if you let her.”

by tntmomof2 tntmomof2

Quick Tips

  • 1. It's normal for your teen to sleep a lot. Most teens need at least nine hours of sleep each night
  • 2. Not getting enough sleep can cause behavior problems, depression, and poor grades in school
  • 3. Some moms take electronics away during nighttime hours so their teens don't stay up all night on the computer or cell phone
  • 4. Other moms set official bedtime and wake up hours for their teens
  • 5. Encourage your teen to stick to a sleep schedule--and keep it on the weekends

Real Mom Solutions

Is your teen up all night and sleeping until noon? See how these moms make sure their teens get enough sleep and don't sleep the days away.

Some Moms Set Sleep Restrictions

  • carlie3girls

    My 13-year-old daughter can go to bed at whatever time she wants, but she has to be up by 11 the next morning.

  • FindersKeepers

    Our son who's 16 sleeps in. We wake him around 9 - 10:00 am, but left on his own he would sleep until noon or later. We started a "breakfast is at 9:00" rule and if he sleeps through it -- oh well! We would end up not making breakfast because he wouldn't get up until lunch.

  • atlmom2

    My daughter needs her sleep, at least eight hours. Weekends she's asleep around 10 or 11 pm or later if she is with friends. I don't let mine sleep all day so I get her up around 10:00 am if she isn't awake already.

  • JustaSM231

    We allow our daughter to stay up later on Friday and Saturday. If she is sleeping until 11:00 am or 12:00 pm on weekends, she has to go to bed earlier than she did the night before.

  • lynn63042

    My daughter is like me and requires a lot of sleep so I prefer for her to be in bed by 10:00 pm, but she is up till closer to 11 pm and so is my son. On the weekends, they are up as late as they want, but they must be up the next morning by 10:00 am. I never let them sleep all day!

  • YoungMomma96

    If I allow my daughter to sleep in all day long it will make her become a lazy person. She stays up all night until 2:00 am. When I'm up I'll give her until 11:30 am then I'll wake her up to do something productive around the house. I don't want them to get used to that kind of sleeping pattern.

  • Not_A_Native

    I think it's late if my girls are still sleeping at 10:00 am and roust them out of bed most of the time. HATE the sleep in all morning thing.

Let Them Make Their Own Schedule

  • boys2men2soon

    We have never had "bedtimes." As long as they get up in the morning without trouble, do what they need to do, and do well in school, I let them manage their own time. If they are tired, they sleep.

  • drfink

    No one sleeps much past 9:00 am even without me waking them up. So in the summer I let them pick their own get-up time. What can change is how late someone stays up. A couple of days of irritability showing through, we have a chat. I give them the options of controlling themselves so they get enough sleep, or I will help by taking all electronics. They tend to a take the self-control option.

  • DarlaHood

    I don't see a reason to modify their sleeping patterns; I just let them be themselves as long as they get where they need to go when they need to be there.

Don't Worry About Too Much Sleep

  • luv2nap

    They all sleep a lot -- 'cause they are growing! We never woke up my son, let him sleep his summers away, and now he is 6'4" at 17!

  • condell70

    I recently read an article that said the average teen needs at least 9 1/4 hours of sleep to function best during these important teen years. I say that if my 15-year-old daughter is performing well in school and in her after-school activities, then she can sleep as much as she needs to.

  • Snowl

    My younger son is 16 and he will sleep all day, wake up, eat, and go back to bed! I did ask our doctor about it and he says it's normal. Teens need an average of 10 hours a night to be fully rested. Some need less, some more. All the growing and hormone fluctuations make them tired! As long as he gets up for school and does not get grumpy with me he can sleep as much as he wants.