How do you keep your toddler entertained all day?

Real Mom Problem

“I am in desperate need of ideas to keep my two kids busy. They seem so bored and I feel so guilty.”

by PeytonHailey PeytonHailey

Quick Tips

  • 1. Remember to be silly
  • 2. Don't be afraid to get dirty
  • 3. Try cooking or baking with your little one
  • 4. Have fun with forts made from blankets and sheets
  • 5. Use cardboard boxes to make trains, build cities, or anything your child can imagine

Real Mom Solutions

Most kids are easily entertained. Give them a giant cardboard box, a sheet, and a paper-towel tube and they'll give you a ship to sail on the sea! Here are some super fun ideas for filling your toddler's days from the moms of CafeMom!

Enjoy the World Around You

  • melissab1998

    I try to use our time together to show him the different things in the world. We lay in the grass and look at clouds and just chill. I find that I have the most fun with him when we are just hanging out and playing on his terms. He comes up with some of the funniest things, and when he lets me play with him I feel honored. Use this time to be silly. We do the goofiest dances in my living room that would make me die of embarrassment if anyone caught me.

  • StarGazer27

    We like to take pine cones, spread peanut butter all over them, then roll them in wild bird seed, tie a string to the top, and hang them in trees for the birds to eat. It's so easy and doesn't cost a lot of money to do!


    We just got a butterfly net from the dollar store and went "hunting." You have to have a critter keeper to put them in. We caught 2 moth butterflies. Very exciting, especially when we let them go!

Don't Be Afraid to Cut Loose

  • p.H.a.T

    Sometimes we just cut loose and jump/run around. No toys involved, just our bodies. It's fun because, as adults, we sometimes lose our sense of freedom.

  • aprilbish

    My girls and I love to jump in puddles. We all have rain boots and rain jackets and we go on walks to the park in the rain and find the biggest puddles we can. My 4 year old and I will go on a bike ride in the rain and try and find big puddles to ride through over and over again! The twins, 2 and a half, just love to "save" all the worms by throwing them back in the grass! We come in really wet, but the girls will have been actively playing for a very long time! We have a blast as well.

  • Lv2sons

    Sometimes you have to let go of all the other things you "need" to be doing and say WHAT THE HECK! LET'S HAVE SOME FUN!! I always felt I needed to be accomplishing something around the house, but now I've learned that the laundry and the dishes can wait, but my kids can't. They are going to keep growing and changing and I NEED to be a part of that. Once you let go of the rest, the fun stuff comes naturally!

Take Tips From These Creative Moms!

  • rHOPEb

    Go fishing in the tub! Put magnets in the tub and tie another one on the end of a string tied onto a stick.

  • Mom2RiZakknTait

    We have 'carpet picnics' where I lay out a blanket on the floor and we have a little picnic right in the house.

  • katies_mommy1

    I've recently introduced my daughter to something called oobleck. Basically its corn starch and water mixed together. It acts like a liquid until you apply force to it (like poking it really hard with your finger) then it acts like a solid. It's really cool and cheap to make and extremely easy to clean up. She loves it!! You can YouTube it: OOBLECK

  • rla9319

    Draw out big lily pads on paper, have your child cut them out, then create an obstacle course inside or out. Have them hop like a frog along the way, then encourage them to make their own obstacle course.

  • dispatch911

    Kitchen table. Hot Wheels. Small figures. Shaving cream. 'Nuff said.