What are some creative crafts I can do with my toddler?

Real Mom Problem

“I am not very crafty and have no idea what would be good for my toddler to make at this age.”

by Mommy2LnJ Mommy2LnJ

Quick Tips

  • 1. Let your child use their imagination
  • 2. Focus on the process, not the finished product
  • 3. Be sure to display your toddler's art where they can enjoy it
  • 4. Stock up on craft supplies when they're on sale so you're always ready
  • 5. Hold onto household items like empty paper towel rolls and egg cartons

Real Mom Solutions

From egg cartons and toilet paper (and TP tubes!) to fancy fabric and fake jewels -- there are endless options for getting crafty with your kids. Don't have the Martha Stewart touch? Try some of these tips from the creative moms of CafeMom!

Start Simple

  • ajohnson3

    I am not very good at arts and crafts but I was determined to find something that I could do with my kids so I went to my local dollar store and bought some felt paper designs and some felt stickers to put on them! My children loved doing them with me and they turned out great!

  • shell78

    Collages are a simple idea. Just gather lots of random stuff and let your child glue them to a piece of paper. We've used pieces of ribbon, cupcake liners, magazine pictures, buttons, squares of wrapping paperm, and lots of other stuff.

  • beco8627

    Just have certain things in stock like construction paper, crayons, colored pencils, markers, water colors, glue, scissors, decals, stickers, colored pipe cleaners, fuzzy balls, and things of the sort, then just use your imagination!

  • WesternNYmom

    Start simple. I started my kids out with crayons and colored paper. I then moved on to Play-Doh and then painting with watercolors. My daughter loves to draw, paint and make her own jewelry with colored beads. My son loves to paint, and mold things out of Play-Doh. They also love to create there own holiday decorations.

Think Outside the (Art) Box

  • jakesmom323

    My 2 year old son is more interested in throwing the crayons or colored pencils on the floor than coloring. He does love stickers though, and I'll buy his favorite stickers: Mickey Mouse, Cars, etc. to get him interested. He really enjoys peeling them off and putting them on the paper.

  • RutterMama

    My son never took to crafts as a toddler. I put him in his high chair with paint once and he freaked out! But a few weeks ago I put both kids in the bath tub with colored shaving cream, to paint in the bath tub! They had a BLAST!

  • EmdBnl64

    Try painting with different objects, like q-tips, popsicle sticks, cotton balls, or sponges. Put paint on paper and have the kids roll small cars thru the paint. Or get a plastic bin with a lid, a marble or small ball, and paint. Put a piece of paper in the bin with some paint. Put the ball in and put the lid on let the kids shake the bin to make mess free art.

Try These Fun Ideas

  • Shellie1084

    Today my 1 and 2 year old boys made a maraca. Take an empty soda bottle and put a cup of beans or popcorn kernels inside. Tape the lid on, let them color on a sheet of paper for decoration, and either tape or glue the paper to the bottle. They had a blast and made music afterwards which we danced to. Easy and fun!

  • Tryshx

    One of my favorite crafts just simply starts with me sending him out into the yard with a bag to collect nature. I always remind him to get a handful of dirt first. He comes back with leaves and grass, flower petals, and all sorts of stuff. After the gathering phase I get him a sheet of construction paper and help him write his name in regular school glue and sprinkle it with the dirt. Then I just let him go nuts gluing the nature that he collected around it to decorate the page.

  • KenzieQsMommy

    I save egg cartons and cut out the egg 'seats' one, two, or three at a time and we paint them like bugs and worms. Add some googly eyes and some pipe cleaners for legs/antennae.

  • LazyMama

    When the toddler is otherwise occupied, cut up a couple colors of construction paper or tissue paper into relatively large (bigger than a quarter) pieces in random shapes. You want a good-sized pile to choose from. Once the toddler is ready for crafting, cut out a piece of clear contact paper about the size of a sheet of notebook paper, peel off the back, and put it sticky-side up on a table. Tape it down around the edges so it won't flop around when the toddler touches it. Then give the toddler the pile of paper pieces, and show him how to stick them to the contact paper. If you want to keep the finished project, stick another sheet of clear contact paper over top to keep the pieces from peeling off.