When should I send my toddler to preschool?

Real Mom Problem

“We are debating when to start our daughter in school. She just turned 2. When did you start?”

by Momtrain Momtrain

Quick Tips

  • 1. Check your preschool's requirements for age and bathroom abilities
  • 2. Research your preschool options, and tour the facility before making your choice
  • 3. Make the decision that's best for your child & your family -- number of years in preschool may not dictate future success in school

Real Mom Solutions

There's no right or wrong answer when it comes to sending your toddler to preschool. See what works for the moms of CafeMom before choosing what's best for your family.

One Year of Pre-K Is Enough

  • SoniaL

    I personally do not send my kids to preschool. But if I did it would be for ONE year only, the year before kindergarten. I would never send a 2 year old to preschool.

  • KristyB

    I sent my daughter when she was 4. I figured one year of preschool before going to kindergarten was enough and it worked out well for us.

2 or 3 is a Great Age for Preschool

  • Jay9xoxo

    My sons both started in preschool when they were 2 turning 3. They loved it and it was a great starter class for when they entered kindergarten.

  • mohusker

    I would say that kids could start preschool at 2 but I waited till 3 with my son and I will probably do the same with my daughter.

Why Rush It?

  • mom2MDS

    I have mixed feelings about sending kids to school so early. I think it is great for them socially but then you count up the years of being in school. In total, this is counting if they go to college, they will be in school for 20+ years. No wonder a lot of our kids are so stressed and the drop out rate is so high.

  • steffers96

    Once your child is in school, they will be in school until they are 18 years old or older, depending on if they go to college or not. We believe that as young children, that is when you have the most valuable time with your little ones, so why rush them off to school? Two years old, two-and-a-half years old is still just too young. Spend the mommy/daughter bonding time with her now, because just remember, when they get a certain age, they don't want any involvement with us parents at all. Take advantage of this beautiful time with your little one.

  • Kimmie.Miller

    I would say wait until four but I have trust issues & I'm way over protective. My main concern is if something happens to her would she be able to tell you?