When should I take my toddler to the doctor?

Real Mom Problem

“When is it that you decide your child is sick enough to take them to the doctor to get checked out? My mom thinks I am crazy because I don't jump and run them to the doctor every time they sneeze!”

by bhwrn1 bhwrn1

Quick Tips

  • 1. Call your doctor or a medical hotline with questions whenever you're unsure
  • 2. You know your child better than anyone so trust your gut
  • 3. When in doubt, it's better to be safe than sorry
  • 4. For an emergency, call 911 for immediate help

Real Mom Solutions

We all hate to see our kids suffer even the tiniest bit, but is it necessary to bring them to the doctor every time they get sick? See what the moms of CafeMom do when their kids are not feeling well.

We Hardly Ever Go

  • NearSeattleMom

    My youngest daughter (she's 9 now) has never been to the doctor because of an illness. Fevers are not a reason to see a doctor, unless they don't stop after a while (I give them a week). With my older children, I would run to the doctor more often, but with experience, I realized that it wasn't necessary.

  • melaniecerise

    We don't go every time they are sick. When in doubt, we will go or when the symptoms are really bad. We do our research online and I will call a nurse hotline to ask if I am not sure.

  • aviatioNation

    Unless it's something serious the doctor is just going to send you home with nothing anyway. Why waste your time and stress your little one out?

We Only Go If...

  • WesternNYmom

    I only take my kids to see the doctor if I have tried everything that the nurse recommends and they aren't getting better or the symptoms are getting worse. I will also request an appointment if my kids are showing symptoms of things like strep throat, ear infections, or lung infections. I let colds and minor fevers run their course.

  • mypband

    If he is lethargic we go. If he has any weird symptoms we go. But for a simple cold, without fever and he's eating and drinking, there's no need for a doctor. I don't hesitate to call the doctor though, if I have any questions.

  • PEEK05

    I only go if they have been sick for a while, completely miserable, AND have a fever. Usually that means my children have an infection of some sort.

  • Tfor2

    If the fever stays for more than 36 hrs, we go. If he vomits more than 3 times in 24 hours, we go (in case of dehydration).

  • corrinacs

    In my case, we have a lot of complications with colds and flus because of my son's bad asthma. He doesn't get attacks often (until recently that is) but when he does its BAD! So, we end up taking him quite often.

  • Bebe_ju-rah

    Only if it's an earache (needs antibiotics) a high fever for more than a day or something out of the ordinary.

We Always Go

  • Magz0113

    My son was a preemie so YES we go every time he is sick.