How do I make sure my toddler gets enough physical activity?

Real Mom Problem

“My toddler doesn't get nearly enough physical activity. Can anyone give me ideas on fun activities?”

by Viperkaylin Viperkaylin

Quick Tips

  • 1. Get outside as often as possible
  • 2. Stuck inside? Make the most of it -- dance
  • 3. Consider organized sports or other activities
  • 4. Whenever you can, walk places with your toddler instead of driving
  • 5. Turn off the TV (or put in a DVD that encourages movement)
  • 6. The National Association of Sport and Physical Education suggests that toddlers need a half hour of structured exercise and an hour of unstructured exercise per day

Real Mom Solutions

Making sure your child is physically active can help protect them from obesity, diabetes, heart disease and more! Find out how other moms focus their toddler's natural energy in order to help keep them active and healthy.

Say Hello to Mr. Sun

  • bryannamommy

    We walk to the library, to the pet store, or the local market to get a treat. We also go to the park where she rides her bike and plays with other children.

  • LML1

    My 2 yr old knows that if Mr. Sun is out. We're going to be outside most of the day. We got her a swingset for Easter.

  • BeckyP.

    Everyday they are active and I suppose you could call that exercise. We get outside and to the playground as much as possible. If it's nice out, we're out running around.

  • momof3superkids

    Ride bike, play on scooters, chase each other all over the yard, race each other on the trike and big wheel, and when the weather is good and they are getting too crazy inside I take them for a good long walk.

Stay Active Indoors

  • angiewith2

    Sometimes on rainy days we have video on demand on our cable lineup. They have a section of free choices including all kinds of exercise programs. They change the children's exercise programs periodically. My son was doing yoga for kids for a while. They make it fun. They had 3 different ones and my son wanted to do all 3 every night for a while.

  • sethdez

    My son and I LOVE dancing like crazy maniacs to any kind of music. And I must admit it even exhausts me after a few songs. We'll also have "races" up and down the stairs, not really thinking we're getting exercise, but just for fun. But I'm sure if we did it enough it would be great exercise for him, not so much for me because normally I let him win, but it's a great workout for him, but he just thinks it's a fun game.

Regular Play is Exercise Enough

  • AHmom103

    My kids play. They are very active, so I don't feel they need to "exercise".

  • ShadowWaters

    They run around almost nonstop; it's getting them to sit still that's the issue not getting them moving.