Real Mom Problem

“My daughter will be turning 3 next month and she is still in training pants, which I hate having to buy. I keep reading that training pants are just another type of diaper and to put her in real underwear but I'm having a hard time seeing the benefits of that.”

by Mrswbray Mrswbray

Quick Tips

  • 1. Some moms choose not to use training pants because they feel they're too much like diapers and slow down the training process
  • 2. If you decide to use training pants they should be easy for your toddler to pull up and down
  • 3. Make sure they are secure enough to hold in leaks
  • 4. Training pants shouldn't be too absorbent -- you want your toddler to feel wet

Real Mom Solutions

Wondering if training pants are helpful when your toddler is learning to use the potty? See what the moms of CafeMom have to say before making the decision that's best for you!

You Might Want to Skip Training Pants

  • RobynS

    Underwear, underwear, underwear! Keeping them in underwear consistently throughout the day (not bouncing back and forth between undies and training pants) is KEY. Plus, training pants are really just diapers--why spend the money?

  • mom2ellasophia

    Don't bother with training pants- they're just another form of diapers.

  • mommy2b0805

    SAY NO TO TRAINING PANTS!!!!! Real underwear feels different and they will actually feel their accidents, while training pants are like diapers and it will take longer for them to get the concept!

See Why Some Moms Love Training Pants

  • iMandi

    I use training pants, it gives them a feel of what real undies will feel like pulling them up and down to use the potty, but without the mess if they have an accident. I love them.

  • jessie82087

    When we start potty training, we use training pants. They make the transition to underwear easier for a lot of parents.

  • happy-go-lucky

    I loved training pants when my kids were ready to sit on the toilet, but not waiting until they sat to go potty. They could pull the training pants down and up many times. Once they were going in the toilet regularly I changed to underwear with the plastic on the outside. Training pants are diapers, but very helpful diapers.

  • glam.fairy

    My son is doing pretty good with the training pants to potty train. He will use the toilet and if he has an accident, he takes the pants off and gets a new one. So he knows what to do and I'm saving on laundry.

Try Underwear AND Training Pants

  • DebHart71

    We have training pants for pooing and for sleep time but the rest of the time is underwear. She will be ready when she is ready and I feel that pushing it would make the situation worse.

  • dommad2

    We used training pants for out in public where getting to a bathroom might be delayed.

  • Tryshx

    Kids can't really tell the difference between training pants and diapers. The only time we used training pants was at night. Most kids (in my experience) learn quicker without training pants.

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