How can I transition my toddler out of my bed?

Real Mom Problem

“I started something that I can't seem to fix; my toddler sleeps in my bed and now she has no interest in sleeping back in her bed. Any ideas?”

by grcom grcom

Quick Tips

  • 1. If you're making a clean transition, be consistent and don't give in
  • 2. Consider transitioning in stages, starting with a makeshift bed on your floor or by lying in your toddler's new bed until they're more secure
  • 3. Get your toddler excited for the transition by letting them choose their new bedding or something else to make bedtime special

Real Mom Solutions

Whether you love co-sleeping or can't wait to get your little one out of your bed, you'll find tips for helping your toddler make the transition.

Never Give In

  • wildncrazykate

    Be consistent! Pick a day to start having her sleep in her own bed, put her in it and when she tries to get out pick her back up and put her back in it! Soon she will get the hint that the same thing is going to happen every time! In the middle of the night if she gets up pick her up and put her back in her bed! You may lose a good amount of sleep but NEVER give into her! If you give in you will reverse you efforts! Do this for about a week or 2 and she should be sleeping in her own bed!

Let Them Stay

  • rebdel

    I figure they won't be sleeping with me when they graduate high school so I'll just let them stop when they want to. After all they won't be little forever and there will come a day when I'll miss this time!

Take the Transition Slowly

  • Mazie0723

    I would lay her in her big girl bed and sit next to it on the floor until she fell asleep then as the week went on I slowly moved closer and closer to the door and then after about a week of that she did pretty well.