Where should my toddler sleep?

Real Mom Problem

“My son just turned 2 and he wants to sleep in his crib. Should I let him?”

by evanaustinmama evanaustinmama

Quick Tips

  • 1. Choose a sleeping situation that works best for your family
  • 2. Make sure your crib, bed, etc. meet safety standards
  • 3. There's no wrong place to sleep as long as your toddler is safe and getting enough rest

Real Mom Solutions

Where your toddler sleeps is a very personal decision. See what works for the moms of CafeMom before choosing what's right for you and your family.

When to Move out of the Crib

  • Hisservent

    You switch them out when you notice them climbing out or if you feel they're developmentally and physically ready.

  • sjoshea

    My son is two-and-a-half and is still in his crib. He cannot climb out of his crib, and he is not potty trained so there is no urgency for us. We have told him, as soon as he is potty trained, he can move to a big boy bed (which I hope is an incentive for him).

  • DN0818

    My son is 20 months and I just switched him to a full size bed. He was constantly waking up during the night after banging into the crib. He was hitting off of it so hard, he bruised himself. Then I caught him trying to flip over the front because he couldn't climb out. I knew a toddler bed would be too small, so he went right into our old full-size.

Toddler Bed vs. Big Kid Bed

  • Lorelai_Nicole

    In my opinion, toddler beds are a waste of money; unless you have a convertible crib. For me there is no "right" age for a big girl/big boy bed. We moved ours when the climbing became a safety issue.

  • Alejandra10

    With my oldest we co-slept and when we tried switching him to the crib at one-and-a-half it was horrible so we got him a Thomas the Train toddler bed and he loved it. That same day he was sleeping on it.

  • BeckyP.

    My son went into a big boy bed at 2. We didn't do the toddler bed thing. His has a full just not on the frame so it's low enough he won't get hurt if he falls out (which he has yet to do). He's been in it since February. We put him in it the first night and I laid with him until he fell asleep and he's never gone back to his crib. Happy as a clam in his big boy bed!

Co-Sleeping: Yea or Nay?

  • snivic

    My children slept in their own cribs and now in their own beds. We cuddle during movies or story time, but everyone sleeps in their own bed.

  • proudmommieof4

    I have 4 kids and they still love to sleep with me. I can't sleep with out them.

  • PillarsMom

    Nope. My daughter hated sleeping in the same bed as us, even as a baby. We put her in her own room when she was 3 months and she slept the night through from that night on. Even when she is sick she won't sleep with us (it would be nice if she would even just stay in the same room, but no, she has to be in her bed).

  • MomsRule723

    So let's hear it- how many of you sleep with your toddlers and what's your plan, if any, to get them into their own bed?

  • jrsmommy04

    Yes my 3 year old and my 21 month old sleep with us. We love it. Most of the time I will start them out in their own rooms (toddler beds) and then when they wake up they will come in our room. I do that so my husband and I can have a little alone time! We all know how important that is.

  • supermeof3

    No way! My girls know that it's the "Mommy & Daddy bed". I never got into the habit of laying in their beds, either. If the kids slept in our bed, I don't think we would have 3 kids!

  • AlisonJackson

    My two boys never sleep in the bed with me. I slept in the bed with my parents until I was 10. It was very difficult to get used to sleeping on my own. As a matter a fact it just happened that I could a year ago. So I swore that I would never let my kids sleep with me.

  • laceywilson23

    My 22 month old son still sleeps with me and my husband and has since the day we brought him home from the hospital. I love it and wouldn't change it for the world.

  • cassadydean

    Yes, my two year old son still sleeps with me. There were tough times where I wished he would sleep in his own bed, but I absolutely love having him close to me.

Should They Sleep in Their Own Room?

  • Mommyx2BG

    When we go to sleep, we start with the girls in their own bed. By the next morning, there's four of us all in one bed. It gets crowded but my hubby and I love it, they're only this young once.

  • mommy22girls

    Both of my girls sleep in their own room. That is something that I have felt very strongly about since before we had children. At first my husband thought I was crazy, but now he understands and appreciates it. If my older daughter has a nightmare or is not feeling well, one of us might go and lay with her in her room, but not the other way around. For us, it just wouldn't work, but I know that it is all a personal preference in your own lives.

  • KimberC

    My son sleeps in his own bed but it is in our room. For along time he did sleep with us and we really enjoyed snuggling together, until the kicking started. So when he started that we put him in his big boy bed and he stays in there all night. Now sometimes in the early morning hours he might wake up and ask can he get in the bed with us but not often. I do think in the next year I will try and get him in his own room.