What are some herbs or supplements I can try to boost my fertility?

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“I would like to start taking supplements to improve my health and increase my chances of getting pregnant. Load me up with information on supplements you take, and why.”

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Quick Tips

  • 1. Certain herbs, vitamins, and supplements are believed to help regulate cycles, aid ovulation, improve egg quality, and boost fertility in both women and men
  • 2. Many supplements can be purchased at drug stores, and most herbs can be found at natural food stores or through online distributors
  • 3. Remember the suggested supplements here are for informational purposes only and should not be viewed as prescriptive
  • 4. Always talk with your doctor before taking any herbs or supplements and be aware of side effects and drug interactions

Real Mom Solutions

Whether you're looking to avoid pharmaceuticals, or simply seeking additional tools to help you conceive, see which supplements have helped the moms of Cafemom.

Moms Recommend These Supplements

  • Eesmommy

    I take progesterone cream twice daily and royal jelly for my luteal phase defect. I also eat only fresh, non-processed foods. And I eat nutritional yeast as my multivitamin since I do not do well with vitamins and pills.

  • inurdreamz712

    I take prenatal vitamins with DHA as well as folic acid. My doctor said both are a good idea to take for a month or two before you want to conceive, and then continue taking during a pregnancy.

  • TTCbby1

    I started taking vitex two cycles ago. It's supposed to regulate your cycles and make you more fertile. My husband also took FertilAid, and we both started a healthy diet and exercise plan to make our bodies healthier. And what do you know....two cycles later and I'm pregnant!

  • NoraDun

    Soy on cycle days five through nine (120mg, 160mg, 160mg, 200mg, 200mg), B6 (50mg a day), cassava (900mg a day), maca root (1500mg daily), and evening primrose oil (3,000mg daily). Soy is for ovulation (it is a natural supplement that works similar to Clomid). B6 helps with overall reproductive health, and to help the luteal phase; whether it is short or long. Cassava increases the strength of ovulation and increases the risk of twins. LOVE this stuff. Maca root is great for overall cycle health, and is great for energy and reproductive health. Good for men too! And evening primrose oil is great for overall cycle health, reproductive health, and increases healthy cervical mucus! Evening primrose oil, B6, and soy can be purchased from any pharmacy. Maca I get from Amazon.com and cassava is from www.foreverblessedtwins.com.

  • kelly617

    I take: Prenatal vitamin, because it's good for you and gets your body ready to accept a baby. My doctor said it might even help you get pregnant BECAUSE your body is ready to accept an egg; iron, because last pregnancy I ended up low in iron and it sucks taking it while pregnant; calcium--not really pregnancy-related but builds healthy bones and can't hurt; Vitamin D3--there is a theory that infertility could be caused by low levels of Vitamin D, and since I live in Washington we don't get a lot of sun so I'm deficient in it already; Super B Complex--because your body needs it anyway, and it's supposed to help regulate your cycles, and I need a longer luteal phase; and folic acid--my step daughter has "issues" due to her mom not taking folic acid and prenatals...reason enough for me...and you can't take too much because you just pee out the extra.

  • hypnautica

    I am taking prenatals, flaxseed oil for my omegas, fresh royal jelly and CoQ10. The fresh royal jelly and CoQ10 are really good for egg quality. I am doing IVF soon so that is why I am worried about the quality.

Be Aware of Side Effects & Drug Interactions

  • NoraDun

    I started taking FertilityBlend but I stopped because you can't take it with soy, and I wanted instant results which the soy may or may not give, as opposed to taking weeks or months with the FertilityBlend. But FertilityBlend did help. ALSO, cassava can be taken with anything, even Clomid, from my research. Maca I believe is the same way. But you can't take soy, Clomid or FertilityBlend or FertilAid together, because they all work similarly and will cancel each other out.

  • hypnautica

    You can try FertilityBlend or FertilAid which will help get your cycles more regular and help with ovulation. I tried taking them, but due to my cycles being normal it messed them up. With evening primrose oil, everyone of course is different, but it gave me really bad stomach cramps (not in the ovary area) and also made my ovaries burn, so watch out for any odd symptoms with the evening primrose oil.

  • orangeshirt

    Just make sure not to take supplements while taking things like Clomid. My best friend had been taking vitex and recently started her second round of Clomid, only to realize they counteract each other and can cause anovulatory cycles.

  • inurdreamz712

    I've heard mixed reviews on cassava. Some things I've read have said that taking it can actually throw off your ovulation.