Can acupuncture help me conceive?

Real Mom Problem

“We've tried everything but IUI and IVF. I asked my doctor if she would put me on Clomid and she said she wants me to go to an acupuncturist first! Anyone ever heard of that?”

by Mathmagician Mathmagician

Quick Tips

  • 1. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing practice
  • 2. During acupuncture, a very thin, sterile needle is inserted into specific points on your body
  • 3. Acupuncture can help regulate cycles, improve blood flow, and increase relaxation
  • 4. An acupuncturist might recommend herbs in conjunction with acupuncture treatments

Real Mom Solutions

Are you wondering if you should try acupuncture as a way to help you get pregnant? Learn more about how acupuncture might help you conceive from the ladies of CafeMom!

Acupuncture Worked for These Moms

  • Mom_to_Skyler

    I really love acupuncture! When I decided to try for number two, I was 37 years old and my luteal phase (LP) was too short for conception - 7-8 days. So I called up my acupuncturist and told her I was ready to get pregnant again and I started charting. My first cycle after beginning treatment (acupuncture plus herbs), my LP jumped to nine days. With my second cycle I was pregnant, at the age of 37!

  • purplepride80

    The first month I tried acupuncture I got pregnant, but unfortunately lost the pregnancy. We determined that my uterus lining wasn't thick enough so he put me on some herbs. The next month I got pregnant again. I lost it again but it was a missed miscarriage and after waiting three weeks, I had the D&C so I say he did a good job of getting it to stick. I am now seeing a naturopath who put me on different herbs to lengthen my cycle and thicken my uterus lining along with acupuncture. I have definitely noticed a difference in cycle length and flow. We just started trying to conceive again, but so far I think it has been helping.

  • MrsTexas

    I conceived during month three of acupuncture! I went twice a week.

  • corrinacs

    I don't know if acupuncture helped or if it was something else I was doing, but the month after I started acupuncture treatments, I got pregnant.

  • newlove4lyfe

    I got pregnant with my daughter (now nine) after acupuncture, and we're trying again now. I'm on my second month but I'm feeling really good about it. If anything it'll help a lot of ailments.


    After losing my first baby and being told I wasn't ovulating, I tried acupuncture. My OB/GYN thinks acupuncture might have helped me ovulate to get pregnant. I'm 25 weeks along.

Others Have Seen Hopeful Results

  • tymewiltell

    I tried four cycles of Clomid, Metformin for five months, and Letrozole - no change. I tried acupuncture last month before my cycle and got ovulation cramps this month.

  • nornirishgal

    I am 35, have been trying to conceive for 18 months, have had endometriosis for 12 years, have had five surgeries and numerous hormone treatments. I am on my first cycle of IVF, as I didn't want to wait any longer due to my age. I have had four sessions of acupuncture so far and I can honestly say I don't know how since I don't believe in it, but it works! My pain levels are way down, but most importantly my stress levels are at an all-time low and my positivity is at an all-time high! There has been research to show that you can increase your chances of a successful IVF cycle by up to 50% if you have acupuncture with it.

  • D2BAM

    I was really nervous going into my first session because I hate needles (really can't stand the sight of them), but my acupuncturist was really gentle and I barely felt a thing. She put an eye patch on me so I could take a nap, and I didn't see the needles. For the last few months I had been waking up to use the restroom, but with the acupuncture and the herbal pills, I have not woken up in over a week. I think acupuncture has helped me calm down and not be too anxious. So I will continue with these sessions and hopefully I will get pregnant soon.

  • MrsTexas

    I'm feeling very optimistic! This was my first full month of going to a reproductive acupuncturist twice a week. I ovulated on Day 16 and my entire cycle was 27 days long. Pretty dang close to perfect! Huge improvement from my normal range of 37 to 73 day cycles. This was with ONE month and we started on Day 3 of my cycle! Yay! Search for an acupuncturist in your area that specializes in fertility/hormones. I'm becoming a huge advocate!

  • thehostess

    Sadly, I'm on Day 1 of my cycle after my first month of acupuncture. While this is disappointing I am still impressed with what the acupuncture has achieved in this short time and after only one visit. My period pain was far more manageable, I didn't feel like a hormonal crazy lady the week before, in fact I felt quite calm! Most noticeably, I usually get pimples on my shoulders, back and jaw line the week before I'm due but this month, I didn't get any on my jaw line and only a couple of small ones on one shoulder. Clearly whatever she did has regulated my hormones so I have to say, I am a convert!

Acupuncture Can Heal Various Issues

  • kelli1973124

    I did acupuncture to regulate my cycles. I didn't have a short luteal phase, but I had longish 35-day cycles. Acupuncture helped me ovulate on Day 17, and gave me 30-day cycles.

  • Kiffypooh

    I started seeing an acupuncturist a few weeks following my last miscarriage. Before I went to him I never had any PMS symptoms, cramping, cravings, ANYTHING. My first cycle after seeing him I had all the symptoms, and most of all my boobs hurt. And although I don't like these symptoms, I think it is showing me that my body wasn't working before and it is working now.

  • kelli1973124

    I have had a few friends get pregnant within three months of acupuncture. I did it for five months and no luck, but it really does help regulate cycles. I went from a 38-day cycle (ovulating on Day 24) to a 30-day cycle (ovulating on Day 16).

  • wkukid

    I did fertility acupuncture this cycle. He treated me for my uterine lining, I went from a 3 mm to a 9 mm lining and egg size from 15 mm to 22 mm. I believe in it now.

  • krystyneh

    I've been doing acupuncture for a few months now because my doctor said we have 'unexplained infertility'. I love it. It relieves stress and straightened out my hormones. There are many different points on the body they use for reproduction. Doesn't hurt to try it if you aren't ready for the other stuff yet.