What does it mean if my BBT rises?

Real Mom Problem

“I got an ovulation temp spike. Does it typically happen the day of ovulation or the day after?”

by  orangeshirt orangeshirt

Quick Tips

  • 1. Changes in your BBT (basal body temperature) can show you where you are in your cycle
  • 2. A spike in your BBT indicates that you have ovulated
  • 3. Knowing when you ovulate can help you time sex for your most fertile days

Real Mom Solutions

You've got your thermometer. You've got your chart. Now what? Let the ladies of CafeMom explain what it means when your BBT rises.

  • -Mommy-2-Three-

    When you ovulate, the next day you will have a temp rise of at least 0.03 degrees over the previous temps. Then to confirm, your temp needs to remain over coverline at least three days. If you conceive, your temp should remain up. If not, it will fall below coverline just before your period arrives again. The temperature rise after ovulation is due to a progesterone rise and when temp falls it means progesterone levels fell which is what stimulates your period to start.

  • kelly617

    Basically, you buy a BBT thermometer (I got mine off early-pregnancy-tests.com for $9) and when you wake up each morning you take your temp before you ever get out of bed. You write it down and then input the data into a chart. A lot of ladies, including me, use fertilityfriend.com. It will use your temperatures and other indicators to figure out when you might ovulate. If you keep taking your temp every day at the same time eventually you'll start to see a pattern. Your temps will be lower during your period and before you ovulate. Most women have a slight dip in temp the day they ovulate and then the next day they have a temp spike. If your temp stays up for at least three days, that's considered a confirmed ovulation. If it stays up for 18 days you are pregnant (usually).

  • Seximama23

    At ovulation, your temp will dip and then spike at least .03 degrees for three days and you should notice physical signs of ovulation too such as clear stretchy mucus sort of like egg whites.

  • GwenMB

    Don't worry about one day drops, or spikes. That's very normal. You are looking at the overall pattern.

  • Mommy2justone

    Take your temperature every day, same time, before you get out of bed or talk. Then when your temp goes above your coverline (average) and stays there for at least three day, you ovulated. You will need a basal body thermometer. Chart for a few months to find out when you usually ovulate. You need to have sex before this time because the egg only survives 12-24 hrs. So have sex as close to it as possible. Once your temp spikes it is usually too late.