How can I maintain hope for a child after a miscarriage?

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“I just need something uplifting. I want to hear about women who were able to conceive healthy babies after a miscarriage. I'm rather down and need something to help me keep positive!”

by CaityMarie CaityMarie

Quick Tips

  • 1. Many women are able to carry healthy babies to term after suffering one or more miscarriages
  • 2. If you experience multiple miscarriages, a doctor might be able to help determine a cause and offer treatment options
  • 3. Be sure to reach out for support from friends, family, online communities, a counselor, or religious leader if you're having difficulty recovering emotionally from a miscarriage

Real Mom Solutions

Pregnancy loss can be not only physically and emotionally painful; it may also cause you to feel discouraged about future pregnancies -- especially if you've been having trouble conceiving. Let the moms of CafeMom give you hope!

  • mom2wy

    I had miscarriages with my first two. Then my third, I was on suppositories and had one small bleeding issue and went to the ER, but everything was wonderful with him and didn't have any more complications. I have had four miscarriages to date and have three biological kids of my own. Don't give up. Miscarriages happen more than people realize.


    I think the best thing for you would be to not think so much about trying to conceive and take a break for however long you think you can handle it. Or you can do what I'm going to do; I'm going to have sex every other day but not chart or take ovulation predictor kits. I'm just going to let it happen when it does. And just try to enjoy the wonderful things in life. Spend time with your family to get things off your mind, maybe go out to eat together, see a movie, something to get your mind off of trying to conceive. Just try to relax and take it easy.

  • Mom_to_Lincoln

    My husband and I were trying to conceive for seven years when I got my fist positive pregnancy test. It ended in miscarriage at about eight weeks. I was so devastated. It's going to be hard not to worry especially if you get another positive. I worried through my entire pregnancy with my son. I thought I would have a miscarriage again even after I was in the third trimester, I would worry like crazy. It's very hard to know that it could happen again and we have no control over it.

  • mrs_cruse

    My first pregnancy went fine without any problems. I was in my early 20s at the time. I have since had two miscarriages, both around five-and-a-half weeks. I spoke with my doctor about testing to see if he could identify a problem. He said 99% of the time these tests come back fine and the cost is insane. I just found out that I am pregnant again and am hoping for the best, but after a loss it is hard to be excited or not worry that it will happen again. These miscarriage forums can be a wonderful source of support, especially when you want to discuss something that you don't feel comfortable talking to your husband about. The sad feelings do get easier. It will just take time, but you will always remember what could've been.

  • AmandaLacy

    My first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. Then, about four months later I got pregnant. I now have a wonderful little girl.

  • angevil53

    I tried for three years to get pregnant with my first, only to have a blighted ovum. It was so horrifying. I was so distraught over it. I did go on to get pregnant again and have a baby, though. I think it's pretty normal to miscarry the first time; at least it is in my family.