How much does fertility treatment cost?

Real Mom Problem

“I think I'm going to bite the bullet and go to a fertility specialist. However, my insurance absolutely will not cover anything fertility-related. Does anyone have ballpark figures on what it costs?”

by Pumelo Pumelo

Quick Tips

  • 1. Not all fertility treatments are expensive. Talk to a specialist about your options
  • 2. Costs vary depending on your treatment choices, your location, and the type of doctor or clinic you visit
  • 3. If your insurance doesn't pay for treatments, see about getting some of the blood work and routine testing done through your regular physician
  • 4. Doctors may be willing to work with you on cost, and some clinics have payment plans to help with the expense of treatments

Real Mom Solutions

The cost of fertility treatments can vary greatly depending on your issues, location, treatment choices, and more. The women of CafeMom can give you an idea of what you can expect to pay and how to keep costs down.

Treatment Prices Vary -- Check Around

  • wantababybadly

    Check the website of fertility specialists in your area and see how much they would cost. It varies from area to area and doctor to doctor. Also, it depends on your situation and what you need to get done. Generally, IUI without medication is about $500 to $1,000. IVF is from $10,000 to $20,000. Some doctors give a package such as three times for $20,000 instead of one time for $10,000. So if you get pregnant the first time, you still pay $20,000 but if you need to do the second or third time because the first and second time didn't work, you will still pay the $20,000.

  • JAKH05

    You can try an internist. They may do a blood workup, as long as your insurance would cover an internist. If not I would just call around and see what they charge for infertility. My OB/GYN only charged me $50 a month to do follicle checks to time sex. I just started seeing a specialist and I know they offer financing so that may also help.

  • -Mommy-2-Three-

    My insurance doesn't cover fertility treatments of any kind so my obstetrician was a doll and worked with me a LOT! The Clomid pills both times were $32, and I didn't have any ultrasounds (would have been $305 for each), and just did progesterone draws and used ovulation predictor kits.

Compare the Cost of IUI & IVF

  • Kimsheamc

    My husband and I are on our fourth cycle of IUI. I normally have about three appointments per month, each one costing around $300-$500. Luckily, my insurance covers 100% after my co-pay of $40. I also take Clomid for five days which costs around $18 for 100mg. This month I'll also be taking estrogen which was only about $3. The day before IUI, I'll give myself a shot in my stomach--hCG trigger shot to make me ovulate. The shot is $100. So if your insurance does not cover IUI, you're probably looking at about $1,200 - $1,500 per month out of pocket. I'm not sure about the cost of IVF but I do know it's more expensive.

  • gump

    I did a micro IVF cycle in Dallas and it cost about $6,000 for the cycle, but there were SO many little add-ons that we had to do: Fluid ultrasound, mock-transfer, fees for knocking me out during retrieval, not to mention driving from Tulsa to Dallas every other day for two weeks...and then hotels while we were there for the retrieval and transfer. So, even with a micro cycle, it cost us well into the $12,000-$15,000 range. A normal cycle would have been at least $5,000 more. Some clinics do "shared risk" plans. In those, you purchase three cycles for about $25,000 and then if after one or two cycles you get pregnant...that's it. If after three cycles you don't get pregnant, then you get up to 80% back (depending on the clinic). That is definitely something to consider.

  • no-nonsense-nur

    I live in Little Rock, AR but I'm going to the Fertility Center of St. Louis for "mini" cycle IVF. The procedure is $9,000 and the meds are $1,000. It's about $4,000 less than regular IVF because they just use Clomid for you to produce extra follicles instead of a whole bunch of other meds. You don't end up with as many embryos, and they only implant one at a time.

  • violetgirl

    My insurance does not cover infertility, so my IUI alone costs $200. That does not include drugs and ultrasound monitoring. If I do all that, it all adds up to $500-$600 per cycle. Each doctor visit that requires monitoring with ultrasound is $75, and I have 2-3 of those visits per cycle. Clomid is $36. The hCG trigger shot is $120. In California, a single IVF cycle costs $8,500. Two cycles cost $14,400.

  • corrinacs

    Just like any infertility program, it depends on where you are and what you are doing. I know that IVF can cost as little as $10,000, but as much as $40,000 per cycle. The biggest costs are the medications (several thousand dollars per box) and the other procedures like ICSI that you may or may not have to do. My best suggestion is to talk to a fertility clinic. Just inquire and speak with a doctor to get a personalized consultation. If the price is way out of your league, and you are going to require IVF, they have a ton of programs out there to help you afford it.

  • Cynthia86

    The actual IUI itself is $360 but once you factor in all the blood work, ultrasounds and meds, it comes out closer to about $900.

Find Out What These Women Paid

  • maryah84

    My clinic costs $975 for the whole thing including ultrasound monitoring, and seminal wash. But I have to pay the meds out of pocket. Insurance doesn't really cover any infertility treatments. You just have to look for the best clinic, not the cheapest, because if it is not timed right it will be all waste.

  • AshleyVanNess

    I've spent about $300 on ovulation predictor kits, home pregnancy tests, vitamins, and supplements.

  • Cynthia86

    Blood work was at least $500, initial consult with the reproductive endocrinologist was $250, semen analysis was $150, and HSG (hysterosalpingogram) was $1,000.

  • Macysmomma07

    Between tests, vitamins, Mucinex, Clomid, blood work, doctor appointments, etc., I've spent about $1,000 over a six-month span.

  • Texasrose1983

    Doctor's office is $150, Clomid is $9, sonograms are $150, and blood work is added to the doctor visit for about $150.

  • vcaulkins

    Clomid costs me $9, ultrasound at a fertility clinic is $280. I pay out of pocket because my insurance doesn't cover it. Trigger shot costs $105. The fertility clinic consultation was only $200 (it was in California). The reproductive endocrinologist did a pelvic exam and an ultrasound after discussing my infertility and how we would proceed. I had to pay $70 for lab work. My husband had a semen analysis done the same day. It cost $150.