What side effects will I experience from fertility drugs?

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“My husband and I have been trying to conceive for almost two years. I'm becoming depressed. My doctor mentioned fertility drugs. I want so much to have a baby, but after reading about the possible side effects of drugs, I'm scared to try. Anyone here experience negative side effects?”

by wanttobea_mommy wanttobea_mommy

Quick Tips

  • 1. Some fertility medications are associated with side effects, including stomach upset, headaches, hot flashes, and mood swings
  • 2. Always speak with your doctor if you have questions or concerns about medication
  • 3. Remember, the answers below are not medical advice and should not be relied on as medical advice or used in lieu of speaking with a medical professional

Real Mom Solutions

If you've been struggling to conceive, fertility drugs might be a helpful option. But make sure you're aware of the side effects associated with these drugs before you start taking them. Read the experiences of real women who have taken fertility medication before making your decision.

Side Effects of Clomid

  • beadfairy

    So far on Clomid, I have lost 15 lbs, had all kinds of hot flashes, and a killer yeast infection.

  • Dani1009

    The only fertility drug I've taken is Clomid. I used various doses for four months. I had hot flashes, but they weren't bad. The worst was my emotions. I couldn't control them. We never got pregnant, though.

  • hypnautica

    I was on Clomid for six months and didn't have any side effects

  • tinag1974

    I was on Clomid for two or three months. I took it before going to bed so I didn't really get any major side effects that I remember. Clomid has been around forever and is usually the first thing that doctors try when you are having any kind of fertility problems. It is pretty safe for the most part, but just like any other drug, including all the over the counter medicines we take, there are side effects. Doctors usually start you out on a pretty low dose and move up from there. I actually had fewer side effects on the higher dose - go figure! If you are worried, I would talk to your doctor about it. But for the most part, you should be just fine.

  • -Mommy-2-Three-

    I had awful side effects from Clomid: hot flashes, headache, night sweats, blurred vision, mood swings, ovarian pain, cramps, sore breasts, nausea. That's why I am trying so hard to conceive number four naturally.

  • TTC2Long

    I had migraines, but I prevented them by drinking a caffeinated drink and taking ibuprofen with the Clomid.

  • vcaulkins

    I have had vertigo while on Clomid. And I get insomnia and hot flashes.

  • BethRae

    Clomid gave me my three-year-old and twin 14-month-olds! I wouldn't take it again and risk having another set of twins but I'm definitely thankful for it, and I didn't really have any bad side effects

Side Effects of Femara

  • 73angel

    I don't get any side effects from Femara.

  • Momof2almost

    You want to start Femara off gradually because if you do too much, too fast, then you may have a lot of unnecessary cramping and pain.

  • HopefulMommy89

    The only side effects I've ever had on Femara are some headaches and bad cramping before my period comes (because it built up my lining too thick). But none of the hot flashes, nausea, or mood swings like with Clomid.

Side Effects of Metformin

  • JamieleeB

    I have been on metformin twice and both times I've conceived the month I started. Metformin does give me terrible diarrhea for the first month I am on it, but after that there are no more side effects. It's difficult to deal with but I LOVE this drug. I lost 15 lbs without even trying and I no longer have low blood sugar issues.

  • Momof2almost

    I took metformin for several years and it never gave me any side effects. Matter of fact, I could take it on empty stomach and still no issues.

  • KelissaMaye

    I started on metformin and I am now six weeks pregnant! I have found that if you take the meds at night, they have less of a "reaction". Eat low-carb! If you eat too many carbs, you will spend a lot of time on the toilet. At least, that's been my experience. And it is NOT at all pleasant. But other than that, it's great. I've lost about 20 lbs with it.

  • smileyashmommy

    I only took Clomid for one cycle and then switched to metformin but the only bad symptom I had was feeling pregnant when I wasn't! It intensifies your PMS symptoms. That's it. I know plenty of people who have tried it. Some it worked for and some it didn't. But no one I know has had any truly terrible side effects.

  •  Momof2almost

    I no longer take metformin but was on it when I was trying to conceive and had zero side effects (didn't even have to eat when I took it). I did notice that I felt better than I had before. I have PCOS and endometriosis so it did help a good bit. I did get pregnant on it but I was also on other fertility meds. I had taken it for almost three years.

Other Side Effects to Be Aware Of

  • NoraDun

    Provera can give you pretty much all the symptoms of pregnancy. During the two weeks before your period, your progesterone rises, which is why we so often believe we feel pregnant even when we are not. Taking progesterone does this as well. You can experience every pregnancy symptom in the book from sickness, to headaches, breast tenderness etc. Very aggravating. I just started my progesterone and after feeling off all day with sickness and dizziness I seriously felt the urge to take a pregnancy test. But I reminded myself it's all because of the meds.

  • -Mommy-2-Three-

    I am very sensitive to medications so progesterone is no fun, in birth control form or Provera. I had nausea, headaches, sore breasts, acne, fatigue. Clomid was torture for me too, even worse, felt like menopause; hot flashes, headache, severe mood swings, ugh.

  • Analeigh2012

    I just finished my second round of IUI with Clomid, Bravelle, Ovidrel, and progesterone supplements and the side effects are terrible! Feeling pregnancy symptoms only to have it be the drugs is very depressing, and too difficult emotionally. I have decided I need a couple months away from the drugs.