What steps should I take if I have damaged or blocked fallopian tubes?

Real Mom Problem

“One of my tubes is completely blocked and the other one is damaged. My doctor said there's not much chance I will conceive on my own. Has anyone had success getting pregnant with a damaged tube? And what exactly IS a damaged tube? I'm just so confused. Any input is much appreciated. I'm so down.”

by ktothab66 ktothab66

Quick Tips

  • 1. Fallopian tubes can become obstructed after an infection, prior abdominal surgery, or a previous ectopic pregnancy
  • 2. If your fallopian tubes are blocked, your partner's sperm might not be able to reach your egg to fertilize it, or a fertilized egg might not be able to reach your uterus
  • 3. Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) can diagnose blocked or damaged fallopian tubes
  • 4. HSG often helps to clear blockages as well
  • 5. If HSG, surgery, medications, or natural options don't help, IVF might be your best option
  • 6. Remember, the answers below are not medical advice and should not be relied on as medical advice or used in lieu of speaking with a medical professional

Real Mom Solutions

Women with blocked or damaged fallopian tubes may still be able to conceive. Read on for advice on options and treatments that have worked for other women dealing with the same issues.

These Women Had Success Without IVF

  • eChard

    I was told my tubes were blocked and I needed IVF to get pregnant by three different doctors. I got a positive pregnancy test, and we did it all by ourselves, and the grace of God. It can happen!

  • jenn0685

    Is just one tube blocked? If so then your other tube should be able to make up for the blocked one. I had a tubal reversal and only one tube was able to be repaired because of a tubal pregnancy, but my doctor said that the chances are just the same as if you had both tubes, he said he can't explain it, but that is what the studies have shown. Also some women mention castor oil packets to clear out blocked tubes. Or maybe you should just start taking vitex or have the doctor write a prescription for Clomid; that will help you ovulate out of both tubes.

  • DACIA79

    There is a surgery to unblock tubes. Some suggest that herbal remedies may help. Other than that, IUI or IVF are your options.

  • MOMMYB4606

    I only have one tube. After an ectopic pregnancy from an IUD, there was so much damage they had to remove it. I got pregnant about two months after my surgery and now I am 36 weeks pregnant.

  • monical0819

    As long as you have one open tube you can get pregnant! My left tube is blocked and I have a two year old boy.

  • corrinacs

    Are both tubes blocked? If so, then IVF is probably your only option. You may want to look into doing surgery to open those tubes, but it still increases your chances of ectopic pregnancy. I have heard of "mini-IVF" where they leave out the meds, which makes each cycle a lot less expensive. Perhaps you should look into that.

  • chnkychic76

    I've done a lot of reading up on tubal issues and some can be corrected with tubal unblocking surgery.

HSG Might Help You Conceive

  • hurst0three

    I had blocked tubes, which made it difficult to conceive for four years. Why we didn't just do the HSG first, I have no idea, but luckily mine were just clogged and once they released the fluid into my tubes, they were unblocked and we conceived shortly after.

  • jenniferw10

    I had the test where they clear out the fluid in your tubes to ensure the passageway is clear (HSG). I got pregnant the next month. The test increases your chances by 25% for three months.

  • hurst0three

    I had blocked tubes before I got pregnant with my second son. It took us four years to realize I had tube blockage. I got the HSG done, and luckily for me, the fluid they pushed in released whatever was blocking my tubes and I was able to conceive very shortly after that. I never had surgery but I've heard that if surgery is needed, most of the time it is very successful. I would definitely get a second opinion about tube blockage.

Learn How to Tolerate HSG Pain

  • LGD1024

    I didn't take anything after my HSG and I was fine. Yes there's definitely strong cramping as the dye goes through, but it's tolerable.

  • AshSpringer

    My HSG test was a NIGHTMARE! It was nothing like period cramps. I screamed so loud I was heard down the hall. I think Valium should be prescribed beforehand. It was something I will never forget!

  • Analeigh2012

    A little ibuprofen is wise. An HSG starts out like an annual pap with speculum, only difference is you are on an x-ray table and feet are flat, not in stirrups, which was odd for me. Then you feel the pressure of the catheter as it is fed through the cervix. I felt the fluids entering my uterus, it felt odd. The most awkward part was the rolling. With all the apparatus in place they will roll you on one side to allow the fluid to drain through one tube and x-ray, then roll you the other way. It wasn't painful at all for me, just awkward. The ibuprofen helped with the cramping. During the procedure, if you start to feel your uterus contract, remain loose, don't tense up. They told me that through tensing I could feel pain. It was over fairly quickly.

  • Lincolnsmommy

    I had two HSG tests done. One was done over five years ago after being diagnosed with unexplained infertility, and we conceived our son afterwards through IUI. Then I had another done last year after two years of trying to conceive. They both hurt extremely badly. The ibuprofen they had me take before didn't do anything. I was in extreme pain and couldn't wait till it was over.

  • AmyG1976

    Take acetaminophen or ibuprofen about an hour before your HSG. It's a rather fast procedure. It can be a bit uncomfortable, slightly painful, BUT only takes like five minutes start to finish and the uncomfortable to painful part is less than a minute. As soon as it's over you can go back to any normal activity including work. You might have some bleeding after or leaking dye. I had a bit of spotting for a few hours. That was all. Any pain, cramping, or discomfort is over as soon as the procedure is over.

  • WenStew

    Ibuprofen is needed after an HSG. Unfortunately I didn't have a great experience. Lots of cramping during and for about 30 minutes after. But it was fairly quick. Also I would advise bringing a sanitary pad with you, I didn't bring one and they didn't have one to give me and I really wish I had one. You might have watery brownish discharge (which is some of the iodine coming out) for a couple hours.

Try Natural Remedies

  • Alaoshi

    Have you tried acupuncture? That was how I unblocked my left tube.

  • eChard

    I also take serrapeptase. I only have one tube and it may be blocked. However, after taking this enzyme, my chronic sinus problem has stopped, my inflamed gums are fine, and a small varicose/spider vein on my ankle has almost disappeared after 15 years. I am hoping that this enzyme is also improving my circulation around and in my tubes. I will ask to have another HSG to see if they have cleared up. My migraines are gone completely since taking this too.

  • Mommyof3yippey

    Three words: CASTOR OIL PACKS! I swear by them!

  • anotherandree

    I read that taking red clover blossoms can help with blocked tubes. At least that's what I'm banking on!

  • gump

    I also have fallopian tube issues due to scar tissue. I had a laparoscopic surgery that shows extensive scar tissue and because of the scar tissue, my left tube is twisted. Unfortunately for me, my tubes are both blocked due to the scar tissue. It took me about a week to get out of the deep depression from hearing the news, but I have since learned that there are natural ways to get rid of scar tissue. I have been doing all kinds of natural treatments and plan to check the blockages with another HSG.

  • no-nonsense-nur

    I did some research on an enzyme called serrapeptase that has been prescribed for years in China, Japan and Germany for its anti-fibroid properties. It is supposed to help dissolve scar tissue, fibroid tumors, plaque in arteries, blood clots, etc. and there have been successful studies done in China that say it helps to dissolve scar tissue and inflammation in the fallopian tubes as well. I started taking it as I guess it can't hurt. I feel WAY better since taking it! The inflammation in some of my joints is completely gone and my headaches aren't flaring up and my gums are way better too.

  • Hannahsjoy

    I have heard of serrapeptase and it works! I had blocked tubes and took it last year for about two to four months, and had an HSG and both tubes are open!