What's the earliest I can take a pregnancy test?

Real Mom Problem

“I don't want to waste a test on a faulty answer, but I'm so eager to know what's going on. When's the soonest everyone else tests? This is my seventh month trying to conceive so my fingers are crossed!”

by Turtledoves Turtledoves

Quick Tips

  • 1. Pregnancy tests can detect the presence of hCG, a hormone produced after implantation, about 6 days after sperm and egg meet
  • 2. Home pregnancy tests require more hCG to be present and are most accurate at least 10 days past ovulation, and even more accurate the day you miss your period
  • 3. Blood tests administered by a doctor can detect hCG earlier than urine tests
  • 4. Beware that testing too early might alert you to a chemical pregnancy, which is a fertilized egg that fails to implant in the uterine wall and results in miscarriage

Real Mom Solutions

The "two-week wait" to test if you are pregnant can be filled with excitement and anxiety -- especially if you think you might be having pregnancy symptoms. Let the ladies of CafeMom help you decide the best time to take a pregnancy test.

  • HJMF

    You should test 10 days past ovulation or later. Just remember that it may take until 14 days past ovulation to get a positive. Good luck!

  • Mommy2justone

    The two-week wait sucks. But if you just ovulated, hCG (the hormone that pregnancy tests pick up) will not be in your blood till you are about to miss your period. Some people can get positives eight days past ovulation, but it is best to wait till you miss your period. Testing now is useless if you just ovulated.

  • GwenMB

    Testing 8-10 days past ovulation (so 4-6 days before your period is due) is the earliest women get positive results, but not everyone gets one that early. Some women don't get positives until their period is late. You can get a negative and still be pregnant if you are testing too early.

  • lillybug222

    I started testing at eight days past ovulation and got my first, super faint positive at 11 days past ovulation.

  • amy31308

    I know some people start getting positives at eight days past ovulation. But if you don't want to know about a chemical pregnancy (a very early miscarriage) I would wait until you are a few days late.

  • pixiedust11

    Just wait it out. I had a chemical pregnancy before and I wouldn't want to know ever again. When I got my successful positive, it was nice and dark. Best just to wait. I know it's hard.