How will I know if I'm pregnant?

Real Mom Problem

“What were your first pregnancy symptoms? The ones where you just knew you needed to test?”

by ABCS_Chambo ABCS_Chambo

Quick Tips

  • 1. Home pregnancy tests are most accurate once your period is late, but you might experience symptoms earlier than that
  • 2. Blood tests can detect pregnancy as early as 6-8 days past conception
  • 3. Some of the most common early pregnancy symptoms include nausea, fatigue, heartburn, and sore nipples

Real Mom Solutions

Are you wondering if you might be pregnant? The moms of CafeMom share their earliest pregnancy symptoms - and how soon they felt them! Do any of these sound familiar?

These Moms Share Their First Symptoms

  • TLIF1281

    Super sore nipples and exhaustion were my two main symptoms. I would fall asleep at the drop of a hat. Plus my basal body temp stayed up. My normal BBT is 97.7 and it stayed at 98.1-98.3 before I tested.

  • Country_Momma11

    My first symptom was morning sickness. I never woke up feeling as miserable as I did in early pregnancy!

  • Pip_Star

    Heart burn was mine with both kiddos

  • AnitaA

    Sore boobs, mild cramps that felt like "bubbling" or "poking" my uterus at random times of the day. I started to feel these on the day my period was supposed to arrive. I was VERY burpy! Soft stool two days before I tested positive. I needed to pee more frequently and felt very thirsty (I even woke up in the middle of the night to drink water and pee). I'd been fatigued and took to napping over the weekend.

  • morganaundrea

    Mine was fatigue and nausea, and besides being extremely tired and nauseated, my cervix went from being very, very low, to immediately high, closed and mushy soft!

  •  ProudMama326

    My first symptoms were painful nipples, and when I would stand up quickly or stretch my back I would get this pulling feeling in my lower gut; enough to make me say ouch! And with my daughter I had a never-ending waterfall in my eyes. It was like I just cried all the time and it wasn't because I was sad.

  • red020804

    Really sore breasts. Couldn't even touch them. Never had that with my period. That was my first sign.

  • dmariem8

    Right before I got my positive pregnancy test with my daughter, I noticed that I had light, creamy cervical mucus when normally it would be dry.

  • HJMF

    The first symptom that I noticed was that my areolas got way darker and my nipples were bright pink.

Find Out How Early Symptoms Can Start

  • -Mommy-2-Three-

    With my oldest we weren't trying and I didn't notice anything until food aversion followed 5-6 days later by nausea. I was six weeks by then. With second, my first symptom was extremely sore nipples and heartburn. I tested positive at 12 days past ovulation. With my daughter, my first sign was spotting, lots of weird cramps and severe constipation all a sudden (not normal for me ever). I tested positive at 15 days past ovulation.

  • ageel2012

    My earliest symptom was six days past ovulation. I was VERY tired, and my back hurt a lot and so did my chest.

  • TTCbby1

    My earliest was eight days past ovulation. I was bloated and had watery cervical mucus. I tested positive at 12 days past ovulation.

  • BellaElla

    I was VERY tired, vomiting, and very crampy. This was around four weeks. By six weeks, boob pain, and frequent peeing.

  • usmcvalle

    I never have any symptoms until about eight weeks.

  • TheMillerFamily

    Both times food aversions started within days of conception, like a week before a test would confirm it. With my son though we had given up after two years and I just kept ignoring my food aversions thinking it was just that I really didn't want that certain food, I found out when I was eight weeks along when a friend made me test! With my daughter, I tested at 10 days past ovulation and BAM, positive test. I tested out of boredom because I was positive that it was too early to tell.