What kind of pregnancy test should I use and where should I get it?

Real Mom Problem

“What are the best pregnancy tests? If anyone would care to catch me up to speed, I'd appreciate it.”

by Pink.Frosting Pink.Frosting

Quick Tips

  • 1. Home pregnancy tests work by detecting the level of hCG in your urine. hCG increases if you are pregnant and is easiest to detect after your missed period
  • 2. False negative or positive results can occur if you test too early in your cycle, don't follow the instructions properly, or if the test is faulty or expired
  • 3. Pregnancy tests can be purchased in most grocery stores, drug stores, and some dollar stores, as well as from online retailers
  • 4. Purchasing pregnancy tests month after month can get expensive, so many women look for cheaper pregnancy tests in discount stores or online

Real Mom Solutions

When you're trying to conceive, pregnancy tests can become a large part of your monthly routine. So which ones are best? See what the ladies of CafeMom have to say!

Opinions on Generic Tests Vary

  • GwenMB

    Dollar store tests are as accurate as any other test. You can test at nine days past ovulation if you want, just be ready for a negative. You are more likely to get an accurate result at 13-14 days past ovulation.

  •  NoraDun

    If your hormones are high enough you can get a positive on the $1 tests. They are good tests; just as sensitive as most tests you get from the store, with the exception of the First Response Early Result which I think is a little more sensitive.

  • RaLeighsMommy11

    I think dollar store ones are only good for THE DAY your period is supposed to show up! Some people say it works earlier than that though! First Response is always good at detecting an early pregnancy.

  • momofkearra

    Check the box that the pregnancy test came in and it will tell you the sensitivity. The ones I buy from the dollar store can detect hCG at 25 mIU/ml, which is pretty sensitive. I tested and got a positive. It took three minutes to show and was faint, but there. I found that the dollar store brand was more sensitive than some of the other, more expensive brands.

  • bubbles4peaches

    I don't really trust the generic pregnancy tests. I did try a couple Wal-Mart brands. They were accurate but the results weren't too clear.

  • gabby423

    I used the Dollar Tree tests on both of mine and they were both accurate! The first was accurate three days before my missed period!

Brand Names Are Preferred by Some

  • shelly69

    I had a Walgreens, Fact Plus, Clearblue Easy, and Accuclear show positive when my hCG levels were 16. The Clearblue line fades after a few days. I wanted to save my test and the line was gone.

  • kaygarcia97

    I have always used either First Response or dollar store tests.

  • blessingAH

    I don't like Clearblue. If you get a positive, the line will fade within a few days.

  • Zadensmom

    I didn't think the Fertibella tests were terrible. I tried other brands of tests and they are all finicky -- like you have to really read the directions and hold it a certain way, and wait a certain amount of time. It's common for a slight water evaporation line to show up after the fact if you tilt it or wait too long, but when you get a positive, there is no mistaking the dark double lines, trust me! I think we mentally psych ourselves out sometimes to the point that we're practically hallucinating a double line because we want it so bad.

  • alliesaurus

    I prefer any pink dye test. I don't like digitals, blue dye, dollar store, or the online cheapies. I have ALWAYS had issues with them and don't "trust" their results. I trust First Response Early Result, Answer, and Equate (pink dye).

  • NoraDun

    All pregnancy tests are generally just as good as the others. The only reason one may be recommended is because it may be more sensitive, or cheaper, or have fewer problems with evaporation lines than the other. Generally speaking they all do the same job, and pretty much just as well! I prefer Wondfos. When I first tried them I HATED them. I got evaporation line after evaporation line on them. But I LOVE them because they are super cheap. I have just learned not to trust the lightest of light lines. In order for me to really trust it I want it to be a NO DOUBT line. I LOVE First Response Early Result. In most cases they are as sensitive if not more sensitive then the Wondfos. First Response Early Results are very reliable, but they do have a deep indent where a line should be so many women can falsely believe it's the start to a positive when it's not. I try my best not to get the blue lined tests because the dye pools up in a way that makes you able to see the faintest of lines when its actually negative. But I got positives with all my kids on blue dyes first. I have a box full of digital tests in my cabinet now. I have never used them before, but I got them for a great price. I will use them once I KNOW I am preggo just to see the pretty PREGNANT!

  • mrsbrand

    First Response Early Result is what most swear by. I keep a couple on hand. And I use mostly other pink dye tests, the cheaper ones.

Digital Tests Get Mixed Reviews

  • olivejuicebby

    I have heard that any digital test is not as sensitive as any regular line tests, especially First Response regular line test. Those are the best in my opinion.

  • joeysmommy0921

    I took Clearblue PLUS tests and they worked great for me, but lots of ladies have had good luck with the First Response ones. I had a positive experience (literally) with my second son with the Clearblue Digital.

  • Forget-me-not

    I used Clearblue Digital, the one that says pregnant, and it disappeared after about 24 hours.

  • Awing10

    The Clearblue Digital disappears because the battery in it only lasts for 24 hours. So if you want to keep the memory you need to take pictures. That's one thing that sucked when I had my miscarriage. I had five digitals say pregnant and then I didn't have anything to show. I wish I would've had some regular tests as well just to have the memory last a little longer.

  • MylittlePea

    Clearblue Digital gave me a positive at 11 days past ovulation.

  • ShesALady

    I got an extremely faint positive at nine days past ovulation with a dollar store test and the next day I took another one and it was slightly darker. They were almost not noticeable. I took a digital and it said pregnant right on it.

  • PinkDaisey13

    Steer clear of digital tests! Go to walgreens.com, cvs.com, or any drugstore website and read the reviews! So many of the digitals are inaccurate. A lot give false positives (especially First Response Gold Digital), and in my personal experience, First Response gave me a couple of negatives even after my period was late! Had I not taken a third test, I would have never realized I was truly pregnant and when I started bleeding (due to an ectopic) I would have simply thought it was a late period! To each her own, but personally, I will never trust First Response and I wouldn't recommend digitals.

  • BaByMaMa27

    I had VERY faint positives on First Response Early Result and blue dyes. I took four digitals, they were all positive. I trust them!

  • kiddo0820

    I would say to use a First Response Gold Digital.

Find Out Where to Buy Pregnancy Tests

  • Duenov30

    Wal-Mart has five digital Clearblues for less than $18!

  • MasterAtArms

    I purchase my First Response Early Result at the Navy Exchange on my base. I know there are cheaper brands, but I find the First Response Early Result is most reliable for me. I just want to note that I'm pretty sure that they're super expensive when purchasing them from Walgreens or CVS.

  • MsWood729

    I get pregnancy tests pretty much wherever they are on sale when I need to test.

  • mlawson803

    I recommend Wondfo, from Formosa Medical, on Amazon.