How do I know when my most fertile days in my cycle are?

Real Mom Problem

“I really have no idea about how the cycle works as far as when you ovulate. I must sound so stupid but my periods were never regular and my last pregnancies were not planned. I am trying to get pregnant before my hubby deploys. Please help!”

by TattooedMama21 TattooedMama21

Quick Tips

  • 1. Knowing when you ovulate helps you time sex for your most fertile times
  • 2. You are most fertile the five days leading up to ovulation
  • 3. You can use ovulation predictor kits, keep track of your temperature, and look for physical signs of impending ovulation to better learn your cycle

Real Mom Solutions

Understanding your cycle gives you a better chance at conception. Let these ladies explain the best ways to know when you're most fertile.

Some Women Use Ovulation Predictor Kits

  • szeimetz

    If your periods are irregular I suggest buying ovulation predictor kits. You can find them just about anywhere next to the pregnancy tests. Also watch cervical mucus and other ovulation signs.

  • Oregongirl40

    Ovulation predictor kits are so helpful because you actually want to start having sex BEFORE you ovulate to increase odds of getting pregnant. Once you ovulate it's usually too late to get pregnant since the egg only last about 12 hours after ovulation.

  • joyvanhalen

    Typically a woman ovulates half-way between her cycles. So if you have a normal 28-day cycle than you ovulate on day 14, but everyone is different. Cervical mucus is an excellent sign of fertility, but I myself never have had much. You may also try using an ovulation predictor kit.

  • mommymary6507

    If you're doing ovulation predictor kits, then you can easily figure out when you are most fertile, and it's best to have sex on those days.

  • alliesaurus

    I would definitely suggest charting your temperatures to keep track of your cycles but since charting doesn't really confirm ovulation until days afterward I would suggest using ovulation predictor kits to know before you ovulate since you can ovulate at any time if you don't have a regular cycle. These can be bought cheaper online rather than in the store.

  • hcornett

    Everyone is different depending on your cycle length. One easy way I have found is to take ovulation predictor kits every day around the time you think you might be ovulating.

  • beckygeiger

    I just bought the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor. I always thought you ovulated between days 12 and 15. Well I didn't ovulate until day 23 so that explains why I haven't gotten pregnant yet, because I was trying a week too early.

Others Chart Temps & Ovulation Signs

  • GwenMB

    Can you observe your cervical mucus? You could start having sex every other day when you see the fertile cervical mucus (the egg white consistency cervical mucus).

  • TTC2Long

    What I did when we were trying to conceive our son was use ovulation predictor kits and monitor my cervical mucus for three months to get a grasp on my cycles -- then just cervical mucus so I didn't go crazy every month!

  • MrsF29

    There is absolutely no way to know when you are ovulating/fertile without checking cervical mucus or temping. It really is VERY easy! I thought I wouldn't try "that hard" but it takes all of one minute every day. FertilityFriend is a great free website for charting and they have lots of quick tutorials you can read. It really is the ONLY way to know when you ovulating.

  • jennadawn

    If you really want to nail it down, I suggest joining the website FertilityFriend and begin charting your basal body temperature (buy a BBT thermometer--they're different than a regular thermometer). Your temps will be relatively low until you ovulate, then there should be a dip in temperature followed by a spike--this spike is when you ovulate. After you ovulate, your temps should stay relatively high until your period shows up. I have also found that the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" has been very helpful in explaining the process.

  • katieshutters

    We have been trying to conceive for two months now and this is the first month I charted temps. I have a regular 28 day cycle but I ovulated on Day 9...very early. I would have never known if I didn't chart my temps. It's the best way to find out when you ovulate for sure!