What steps should I take after sex to encourage conception?

Real Mom Problem

“I know this is a silly question but do you believe having your butt propped up on a pillow with your legs in the air after doing the deed helps get you pregnant? And if so how long do you stay in that position?”

by juju79 juju79

Quick Tips

  • 1. Many experts agree that when trying to conceive, it's a good idea to wait 10-15 minutes after sex before standing up or using the bathroom
  • 2. Some women feel that elevating their hips gives the sperm an even better chance of reaching the cervix
  • 3. Others have found that getting up right away had no adverse effect on conception

Real Mom Solutions

When you're trying to conceive, you're willing to do many things to help with the process. So, is there anything special you need to do after sex? See what these ladies have to say!

Some Moms Take These Steps After Sex

  • Seximama23

    If you're worried about sperm coming out, I have heard a lot of ladies use Instead Softcups right after intercourse. I guess it helps the sperm stay right against the cervix.

  • Oregongirl40

    Another great thing to do is to not have an orgasm until your husband is finished. If he gives you an orgasm afterwards, the contractions of the uterus during your orgasm helps to suck the sperm in even further. Then remain in bed on your back for 15-30 minutes, whatever you're comfy with; then it is okay to wipe, pee, shower, or do whatever it is you do!

  • mylitlBEE07

    I don't put my legs up, but I do get on all fours and lay like a baby with my bottom in the air and my back arched. I have a tilted uterus and my doctor said that would help with the gravity because the legs in the air doesn't really move your uterus at all. I usually stay that way for about 10-20 minutes. It looks funny, but hey...whatever works.

  • p0pc0rn

    It does help the sperm for you to lay down with your hips and legs elevated for at least 30 minutes after he ejaculates. It makes them go WITH gravity rather than against it, so they have a better and faster chance of getting to that eggie.

  • cynthianc

    I think propping your butt on a pillow and keeping your legs up works. I think that's what helped me get pregnant this last time. The only thing I did differently in five months!

  • corrinacs

    As far as physics is concerned, propping your butt on a pillow and keeping your legs up makes sense. I know that they did studies that women who sit in that position at least 15 minutes after an IUI session have an increased chance of getting pregnant. But they have never really tested it with regular couples!

  • ashton_409

    There's no need to stand on your head or put your feet into the air. Most OBs will tell you just to lay there for a few minutes. Simple enough.

Others Say Sperm Don't Need Help

  • dababiesdreams

    Jumping up immediately has very little effect on the swimmers unless you have a tilted uterus. Sperm ejaculation is 28 mph for the average male. So even if some fall out there are definitely some staying and going for the egg.

  • NoraDun

    Sperm reaches the cervix almost instantly. So laying in bed for 10 minutes would be MORE than enough. But really it doesn't make a big difference!

  • red020804

    A lot leaked out when getting up, and I went pee before laying back down, and I got pregnant twice doing it that way.

  • DeannaInVegas

    I always go pee afterwards and got pregnant still.

  • bbycrazy

    I don't think it matters, some say it does. When I got pregnant, I immediately went to pee. Sperm's pretty good at staying put.

  • gotchoo

    Once they're in there, Darwinism takes over. The strong will swim.