How often should I have sex if I'm trying to conceive?

Real Mom Problem

“My partner is not excited about the 'every other day' idea because we're so used to having sex every day. Has anyone had sex every day when they were trying to conceive and gotten pregnant? Or should I put my foot down on this one?”

by marissabrookee marissabrookee

Quick Tips

  • 1. Some feel that having sex every day improves the quality and quantity of sperm
  • 2. Others believe that every day, or whenever you feel like it, is just as effective
  • 3. Whatever you decide, try not to make sex a chore. Relax, have fun, and enjoy each other

Real Mom Solutions

There are varying opinions on when and how often you should have sex when trying to conceive. Let the moms of CafeMom help you weed through all the info as they share their personal thoughts and experiences.

Some Recommend Sex Every Other Day

  • usmcwife28543

    I was told by numerous doctors that having sex every day will lower my husband's sperm count because it doesn't give it time to rebuild. This cycle we did it every other day, which landed on ovulation day and then went ahead and did it the next day too.

  • lilsongbird

    I got pregnant this cycle! We had sex every other day from Cycle Day 10 (Cycle Day 1 is the first day of your period) to Cycle Day 20 to keep up the sperm count and motility. It obviously worked!

Some Plan Sex for Certain Cycle Days

  • 73angel

    The fertility doctor told us what days to have sex to have the best chances. So we hit those days. They said to have sex starting twelve days after the first day of my period, and do it every other day until day 20.

  • MsWood729

    We have sex every other day starting on the tenth day of my cycle. After a positive ovulation predictor kit, we have sex for three days straight, then back to every other day.

  • harleymom2b

    I don't use monitors, or kits, or anything like that, but I do chart. You should have sex during high fertility signs...the whole time. Ideally, you would be having sex a couple of days before your LH surge, then all the way through it. If you keep an eye on your cervical mucus, you will notice it getting wetter and stretchier coming up on mid cycle. You should have sex when you start seeing that and keep having sex until it dries up. Having sex once a day should be good enough, every other day if your husband has any reason to think he may have a low sperm count or low motility, or any other trouble with sperm.

  • emilyjan

    I used the Clearblue Fertility Monitor, and I would have sex every other day during the high time. Then I would have sex for sure on the two peak days. You can't really have sex too much if your husband's sperm is normal. Worked for me twice.

  • Lovechild82

    Just make sure to start having sex three to four times a week after your period because you are most fertile the days BEFORE ovulation. Now once you get a positive on an ovulation predictor kit, you can have sex till two days after, because your egg only stays alive 24-48 hours after it is released. Your cervical mucus will start to increase and thicken right before you ovulate and sometimes during ovulation. Make sure you are having sex when you have this fertile cervical mucus.

Daily Sex Works for These Moms

  • LoveMyBlessings

    Pretty much every day for a week around ovulation time has worked for us MANY times for getting pregnant. In general we have sex every other day the rest of the month because that is just how we are.

  • leogirl79

    I've been trying to conceive for six months. I was getting so discouraged because with each of my two boys it only took a month. So my husband and I had sex every single day for three weeks. I GOT MY POSITIVE PREGNANCY TEST! I'm so excited!

  • Linz0522

    We have sex every day, just because we want to. We figured we would just enjoy trying to conceive. I am actually pregnant right now and we conceived with having sex every day!

  • amy31308

    I don't think it would hurt to have sex every day. If after a few cycles you don't get pregnant then I would drop it down to every other day. They say every other day in case the guy has a lower sperm count and needs time to "restock."

  • mcmahan05

    When I became pregnant with my son we had sex every day on my most fertile days and the day I ovulated. I became pregnant with him our second try.

Relax & Be Spontaneous, Say These Moms

  • fcangel9

    You can't go wrong with every other day...or every day for that matter! will happen, but the more you stress the less likely it's going to happen because stress isn't good for your body. Just enjoy the time you have with your husband and make that baby!

  • SrkStrickland

    We have sex when we want each other! I want to be with my husband for us and not just because we're working on a baby. We just 'conveniently' want each other every day when I'm most fertile.

  • ricksangelash

    We don't schedule anything; we do it when we feel like it.

  • allym1825

    Too many women only have sex for baby making, and that's sad.