What sex position should I use to get pregnant?

Real Mom Problem

“Do you think position makes a huge difference when trying to conceive?”

by NoraDun NoraDun

Quick Tips

  • 1. Although sperm can travel from any position, it might help to have gravity on your side and avoid being on top during sex
  • 2. Positions that offer the deepest penetration make for a shorter distance the sperm has to travel to reach your cervix
  • 3. Remember to have fun. Some say that the more relaxed you are, the better your chances of conceiving

Real Mom Solutions

Can your choice of sex positions give you a better chance at conception? See what these moms have to say about which positions to try - and which to avoid!

These Moms Say Position Doesn't Matter

  • orangeshirt

    I don't think it matters at all. Why would you need to stick to missionary? I think anything which provides deep penetration will help get the sperm as close to the cervix as possible.

  • Amiehart62

    It doesn't matter. We conceived with me on top and I have always gotten up right away to pee. It's all wives' tales. But if it makes you feel better to do something a certain way then do it. There are women who get pregnant from sperm just getting near their vaginas....no sex at all (yes, it's true)! Getting pregnant is a matter of chance and luck.

  • Holmes22

    The best way to make a baby is through love, no matter what position. If it's meant to be, it will happen. Just have some fun! My son is adopted but I still have fun pretending to make a baby.

Others Say These Positions Work Best

  • Oregongirl40

    Doggy style offers deepest penetration. You on top is the worst for conceiving.

  • Mamaz

    I got pregnant on top. But it is still considered one of the worst positions for trying to conceive.

  • crazynlove78

    Missionary and doggy style are best. Doggy style is better than missionary because it is the position that allows deeper penetration so the sperm get closer to the destination from the start. All in all though, sperm swims so any position works. But doctors say those two are best if you're having any problem conceiving.

  • SugarBloomers

    It is still possible to get pregnant with the woman on top, but you have a better chance with the woman on the bottom and it's better to lie there for a little while and give the sperm a chance to travel!

  • 1sttimemommy198

    A good position for baby making is doggy style with you leaned down on your elbows instead of hands and knees. I think the leaning down works because of the gravity. Whatever the reason, it worked for us.