What can my partner do to increase his fertility?

Real Mom Problem

“My sweet, sweet husband asked me what he can do to help with our process. He has watched me quit smoking, change my diet, exercise, and take prenatals and other herbs and vitamins, so he wants to know what he can do.”

by Zingy0926 Zingy0926

Quick Tips

  • 1. Approximately one third of fertility problems are male-related issues
  • 2. A variety of foods, vitamins, and herbs are said to help improve sperm, boost sex drive, and more
  • 3. The stress of trying to conceive can impact your partner. Try not to make conception a chore

Real Mom Solutions

Women use many tools to help them conceive, from charting to medications. But men can be proactive in the quest to procreate as well. Find out what your partner can do to improve your chances of conception.

Men Can Try Herbs & Supplements

  • usmcwife28543

    Vitamin C and E are good for men's sperm count.

  • Silky-Norma

    My husband takes Spermax, maca and royal jelly. Sperm quality and quantity has improved, but it could also be that he began meditating and hiking and is less stressed at work as a result.

  • GwenMB

    FertilityBlend for men is awesome - my husband's DNA fragmentation percentage went way down after being on it for a few months. Make sure they get tested if you are having trouble getting pregnant - they are the one with the problem 40% of the time. It is also usually easier to fix whatever is causing their problem, too.

  • ckapps4911

    Try 500mg of Vitamin C for him. Guys tend to have an issue with the little swimmers clumping together and not being so active, and it's said to help with that a lot. I have hubby on it and I've already noticed a difference.

  • lockedtite

    I read in a book that men can increase their testosterone and fertility by taking zinc.

  • Zingy0926

    I got maca at my local health food store. It is supposed to support fertility in both men AND women. In men it's supposed to increase their sperm count and motility by 200%!

  • mz.juice23

    Have him take maca root. It has everything in there that he needs.

  • milagro07

    Fertility blend for men sold at GNC works wonders for sperm mobility, motility and count.

  • Trying4BabyNum3

    My husband takes folic acid and a men's multivitamin.

Diet & Lifestyle Changes Might Help

  • shells086

    Doctor told me lettuce, lots and lots of lettuce..... My husband eats salad, but not every day.

  • dizzydream

    I read that eating walnuts can help, and not taking hot showers/baths before sex.

  • emtgirl885

    He should eat a diet that includes whole, unprocessed foods. The best foods for health in general, and also for sperm count problems, are whole grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Raw sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds have been shown to help with male fertility. It is recommended that a man with a low sperm count eat a quarter cup of raw sunflower or pumpkin seeds each day.

  • .Diddles.

    Cut out all alcohol (and drugs). No hot baths or showers, eat healthy, exercise, and drink water. These are the tips I've heard. We don't drink, smoke, or touch drugs. We exercise and try to keep our stress low.

  • pixiedust11

    Lie to them. Men are sensitive creatures. Tell them "let's just do it for fun." The minute I would tell my hubby I'm fertile he looked scared, like he had been given a challenge that must be completed or the world will end. We finally got pregnant when we stopped trying and just had fun. And no soda. I heard soda lowers their sperm count.

  • kajira

    Get a sperm check to make sure things are normal. Don't masturbate, no hot tubs, or tighty whities. Eat healthy. Sex every other day to make sure sperm count is nice and high. If there are problems, be proactive with a doctor to work on fixing them.

What if He Has a Low Sex Drive?

  • mom_of_teejay

    I give my hubby Vitamin B12 and zinc, plus a daily vitamin, as much sun as possible, and he works out. All these things are good for low testosterone. It's worked wonders for my husband.

  • JamieleeB

    If your husband does have low testosterone make sure that his doctor does NOT put him on testosterone injections. It completely stops sperm production and you will NEVER get pregnant while he's on it (and for three months after he's off it too). There are natural supplements he can take to boost his body's hormones and help him produce more on his own. How do I know these things? My husband was on testosterone for 18 months, bi-month injections that I gave him myself. We were trying to conceive to no avail and we found out from my reproductive endocrinologist that he's got to stop the testosterone. We got pregnant the first month he was producing sperm again.

  • CJF0207

    I've read about men eating more antioxidants, especially blueberries to increase sex drive. This also makes their semen healthier.

  • GreenK

    I read an article on testicle massage a few years ago. Apparently 15 minutes of massage before sex stimulates them to increase both testosterone and sperm production.