What fertility signs should I look for when I'm trying to conceive?

Real Mom Problem

“There are so many different things to do that I'm beyond overwhelmed and confused. How do I know when I'm ovulating? When is the best time to have sex to conceive? There is so much information and it's very hard to understand for a newbie like me.”

by SuperMommy8908 SuperMommy8908

Quick Tips

  • 1. Even if your cycle is irregular, there are specific signs that will help you recognize when you're most fertile
  • 2. A change in cervical mucus is the most common sign of ovulation
  • 3. You might also consider checking the position of your cervix and/or purchasing ovulation prediction kits
  • 4. Keeping a record of the changes in your body throughout your cycle will help you better recognize your most fertile times

Real Mom Solutions

Recognizing your body's fertility signs is a key step in finding the most successful time to try and to conceive. These moms share their best advice in easy-to-understand terms.

  • .sp4rkl3z.

    I know I'm most fertile when I wipe and there's stretchy, gooey/goopy mucus on the paper. I don't really pay attention to it the rest of the month except I do notice it's dry right before my period. Personally I can never seem to figure out how to "read" my cervix, I can barely reach it.

  • Jena731

    I get a stabbing stationary gas pain for three to four days during ovulation. It's awful! But I have a fertility monitor and it matches with my pain most months.

  • marshakay

    I pay attention to my cervical mucus. When it thickens up halfway through your cycle (about two weeks before your next period) is when you are most likely fertile.

  • -JustMyOpinion-

    Cervical mucus is one of the three fertility signs to look for. It is not reliable as a sign of ovulation completely on its own. Start taking ovulation predictor tests when your mucus gets wet or becomes wet and stretchy like uncooked egg whites. If you check your temperature and your cervical mucus while also using ovulation predictor kits, that is when you will get the best idea of when your body is ovulating and how long your luteal phase is.

  • lifetimelove

    You're looking for cervical mucus discharge. When you wipe when going to bathroom, there should be some gooey mucus (it's called egg white mucus), and that's one of the big signs that your ovulation is very close. Sperm needs that mucus to survive long enough to get to the egg and fertilize.

  • GwenMB

    Your cervix should be high, soft and open when you are going to ovulate. But that's not a very reliable sign, especially since it's hard to read when you aren't used to checking it. The other sign is your morning temperature. You see lower temps before you ovulate and higher ones after ovulation. But again, you need to be doing that for a while before you know what your lower and higher temps are since everyone can be different. Each cycle has a pattern so you need to temp the entire cycle to see the pattern.

  • blissfulmama80

    My cycles are not regular at all, but I always get the same signs that I'm about to ovulate. I get about two days of spotting, followed by super fertile cervical mucus and then horrible ovulating pains, so it's pretty obvious. Then my nipples hurt right after I ovulate. Learn to read your body and the signs...even if the only signs you have are your temperature charts.

  • -StarsChildren-

    Ovulation symptoms include change in body temperature (taken before you even get out of bed), and change in discharge, among a few other minor signs, but those two are the biggest.