How long should it take me to get pregnant?

Real Mom Problem

“I'm having doubts now about how long it will actually take us to get pregnant. So how long did it take you to conceive and what were you using to help, if anything?”

by TTC1Nicole TTC1Nicole

Quick Tips

  • 1. If you've been trying to conceive for more than a year, you might consider consulting a fertility specialist
  • 2. Many fertility issues can be treated through medications, lifestyle changes, herbs, and surgical procedures
  • 3. Charting your temperature, using ovulation predictor kits, and recognizing physical signs of ovulation can help you plan sex for your most fertile times

Real Mom Solutions

Every woman - and fertility issue - is different. Some women get pregnant right away, while it can take years for others. Read personal stories from women like you to find hope and inspiration, and learn you're not alone.

Some Conceive Quickly with Treatment

  • wifey2013

    I got pregnant two months after using vitex.

  • Brit_m10

    Don't get discouraged! I tried for over a year to get pregnant with no luck! Then on my third round of Clomid at 150mg I ovulated for the first time. On my fourth round at 150mg I got pregnant!

  • simplybeauty34

    I had laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis and now I'm almost six weeks pregnant. Once they cleaned me up I got pregnant a month later after trying for about a year.

  • mum-to-a-cutie

    I had an HSG done after trying to conceive for four years without success. I got pregnant the next cycle!

  • corrinacs

    The month after I started acupuncture treatments, I got pregnant.

Others Struggle to Conceive for Years

  • alexiis88

    It took three years to conceive my son and I'm going on two years trying to have another! For some it takes mere minutes and for the unlucky bunch, years.

  • momofqk

    It took me two years of trying for my first. I temped the whole time and took FertilAid for three months.

  • alliesmom05

    My husband and I have been trying for about six years, but we didn't start getting help from a fertility specialist until just recently.

  • NoraDun

    I have three kids. It took us three years of not preventing to get our first, three years of trying to conceive to get our second, and 12 months to get our third. We have been trying for over two years now and nothing!

Some Pregnancies Can Take Longer

  • HJMF

    We've been trying for three years now for number two. I don't ovulate on my own and have failed with both Clomid and Femara. We are saving up to see a specialist. So until then, we're doing natural remedies and such to try and at least get me to ovulate.

  • toopicky429

    My first two children were conceived the first cycle off birth control. I just had a positive pregnancy test but it took me two years and eight months with one loss to get this pregnancy.

  • Latvia

    I was very blessed with my first. At that point in my life I knew nothing about ovulation or how anything works really. We just decided to have kids, stopped using protection and I got pregnant right away! I really wish it was always like that.

  • red020804

    My daughter took one time of unprotected sex (not really planned). I'm currently almost eight weeks with baby number two. It took five years total but I only charted my temps for the past year.


    For our first it took us two months and our second took us two years.

  • Mrs.Hansen2011

    My first wasn't planned but I have been trying to conceive my second for two-and-a-half years.

  • DACIA79

    I got immediately pregnant three times in a row, until Depo Provera, and now my body is a wreck.