What's the best ovulation calculator to use?

Real Mom Problem

“There are a few ovulation calculators. What one do you think is the best?”

by michelle856 michelle856

Quick Tips

  • 1. An ovulation calculator is a tool you can use to estimate when you will ovulate, based on your typical cycle length, the date of your last period, and other fertility indicators
  • 2. In addition to ovulation calculators you might also consider using an ovulation predictor kit (OPK), keeping track of your daily temperature, or looking for physical signs of impending ovulation
  • 3. Many online calculators are free but you can also pay to upgrade to a higher level of service, or you can buy software for your computer
  • 4. Ovulation calculators are only as accurate as the information you input

Real Mom Solutions

There are many ways to track ovulation; from taking your temperature to looking for physical signs, but how should you keep track of the information? See which ovulation calculators work best for the moms of CafeMom.

Some Moms Use Online Calculators

  • boobaliscious

    I use fertilitygal.com and countdowntopregnancy.com. FertilityGal seems to be more accurate with ovulation according to my ovulation predictor kits but Countdown to Pregnancy is better for being able to track ALL symptoms from the day of ovulation.

  • kdpeterson

    I really like the one on webmd.com because it measures up the same as my Clearblue Fertility Monitor.

  • trewlove

    I have used Taking Charge of Your Fertility for over two years and love it. From what I have seen, tcoyf.com is more intuitive and uses more factors to determine the chart.

Other Moms Use Computer Software

  • pixiemom4

    I love the PC version of Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It's way better than the online version. I like it because you do not have to log into a site and wait for it to load; it's on your computer not the internet. To me it seems to be more in tune with my cycles than the online version. Also it is bigger. The calendar is almost the entire size of my computer screen

  • angryuterus

    I like the PC version of Taking Charge of Your Fertility over the online version because it doesn't have any bugs. You can upload at the click of a button, or you don't have to upload it at all. It also has reports that you can generate and print to take into your physician, and it has helpful information based on the signs/symptoms you entered. It says at this point in your cycle what is going on, what to expect, and if you are spotting, what it could mean. It also tells you your chance of getting pregnant with each instance of intercourse, it predicts your future ovulation and menstrual dates up to like 12 months ahead if you want (could be helpful if you are really regular and want to plan for a vacation where you aren't on your period). It has different due date calculators, you can change the colors of the charts if you want, you can add medications, symptoms, etc. It also takes into account (if you want) fertility monitors, saliva ferning results, ovulation predictor kits, etc. It's well worth the money.

Apps Work Too

  • MommyofJustin

    I don't do online but I have an Android app I like. It is called My Days, and I conceived the first month I tried it!

  • kellar2

    I have a calculator app on my phone. I've been tracking with that and ovulation predictor kits (OPK). Friday showed a positive OPK and my app showed I am supposed to ovulate tomorrow so I would say they are accurate. Mine is based on a 28-day cycle. My phone app adjusts accordingly to the track of my period.

A Caution About Calculators

  • truelyred2

    You have to remember that ovulation calculators are only averages and are only as good as the information you provide them. It asks you questions about your cycles, and if you input information accurately then it will be helpful. If not, or you are guessing, then they will not work.